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4 Ways to Get Ready for School No Matter Where You’re Learning

The new school year will look different for everyone this year, but whether students are gearing up for an in-person, online or hybrid learning experience, the right school supplies can help keep them motivated and productive all year long.

Now more than ever, teachers and parents are heading online to prepare for the school year. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, online school supply shopping is on the rise, with more than half (55%) of K-12 shoppers planning to buy their supplies online this year. If you are setting up an at-home learning space or preparing for a safe return to the classroom, online stores like Amazon make it easy to get everything you need.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the new school year:

Stock up on essentials

Start the year off fresh and organized with a new planner, an ample supply of notebooks and fun, colorful folders. A mesh desk organizer will help your kids stay organized, so they never misplace their pens and pencils (or their homework). Sparkle Mechanical Pencils will have them feeling stylish and eliminate pencil shavings – which is especially helpful if your kitchen is doubling as your classroom this year.

For younger students, stock up on crayons, markers, and colored pencils, to give them a chance to unleash their creative side. Amazon’s Ready for School store offers low prices on these essentials and more, all shipped safely to your door.

Additionally, if the kids are at home all day, you may need to load up on more snacks this year. Try something that comes in single-portion servings for an easy snack that will not leave a mess in the kitchen.

Set up an at-home learning space

An organized and productive learning space can help keep students motivated while learning from home. With Amazon’s Educator Shop, teachers – and parents-turned-teachers – can easily find everything they need to set up their learning space.

Upgrade your student’s setup with a desk, a comfortable chair and a printer like the all-in one HP printer, to start. Add a cool lamp to help brighten up their space or a fun desk accessory, like a plant to add some color and life. Finally, boost connectivity with routers such as this eero router to ensure you have top-notch Wi-Fi throughout the house, making any room a perfect classroom.

Upgrade your tech

A whopping 40% of parents are looking to invest in digital resources to supplement school education, according to the 2020 Deloitte back-to-school survey. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or supplemental, digital learning is an important part of education. Start by checking out Amazon’s digital education center, which includes educational content and workbooks for students.

Or with the All-new Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, students and parents can research and download educational apps to supplement school in a fun and engaging way. The device comes with a kid-proof case to protect from drops and bumps and has a built-in stand for hands-free use. Finally, remember to manage screen time by setting rules for usage and providing children with Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect developing eyes from harsh light.

Set up healthy routines

Getting out of “summer mode,” especially this year, can make sticking to a routine difficult. With the start of the new school year fast approaching, start easing back into healthy routines now by setting earlier alarms or having family reading time in the evening.

As the school year gets going, make quick, healthy lunches extra fun by packing things ahead of time in colorful, reusable lunch containers like these Bento boxes. And do not forget hydration – keeping a durable water bottle with your kids whether they are at home or school is important.

The Contigo Water Bottle is perfect for keeping kids hydrated and provides water in a personal, sanitary container that will not leak. But if your kids are spending their days learning from the kitchen table, do not forget to take breaks throughout the day. Just taking a few breaks during the day to stretch or go for a walk can keep your family moving and active! –BPT

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