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Black-Owned Program Offers Virtual Homeschooling Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Nationwide — With more school districts moving to fully virtual learning environments due to the coronavirus pandemic, Limitless Learning offers virtual homeschooling for students to stay on track during unprecedented times.

The homeschooling program provides assessments to track students academically, provides an intensive package to target the child’s specific needs, supports parents by providing homework answer keys, and uploads resources to support student progress and learning models to keep children on track for the next grade level.

Homeschooling is available for students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten to second grade, third to fifth grade, sixth to eighth grade, and ninth to twelfth grade. There are only ten spots for each cohort group with two partner teachers, based on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Our package is catered toward kids’ specific needs so that we can streamline our effort to serve the child and save the sanity of the parent,” said Jasmine Thomas, owner of Limitless Learning.

Homeschooling sessions will take place two times per week for three hours each day. Sessions include lessons in mathematics, reading, English-language arts, writing, science, and social studies. Students will have homework and interactive learning on the days where direct instruction is not happening.

The first two weeks of homeschooling sessions focus on strong online classroom management and assessment training. Teachers create achievement plans and tailored lesson plans for each student to close out learning gaps.

As a bonus, the homeschooling program provides one free individualized tutoring session for one hour each month, free access to computer software, programs for continual student learning, curriculum materials delivered to the parents’ home, online student and parent community interaction, email homework support, online virtual electives, and more.

All students will be required to meet 80% mastery to move to the next grade level in the homeschooling program. Students will also receive progress reports every four weeks and report cards every nine weeks with detailed information on the standardized objectives students have and have not mastered.

Payments for home tutoring are based on a monthly tuition method of $380. Limitless Learning also offers multiple student discounts, an income-based discount program based on parental income and accepts state scholarships and grants for students.

All payments must be made on credit, debit, or gift card. LLT does not accept cash payments. A one-time registration fee is required for all students to cover technology use for instruction and payment processing.

To sign up a child for Limitless Learning homeschooling, email limitlesslearningtutoring@gmail.com. Inside the email, list the child’s name, grade, age, academic struggles, and assessment scores (e.g. iReady, MAP, Accelerated Reader, ACT, Progress and/or report card).

“LLT is filling out spots pretty fast with cohort groups,” Thomas said. “We are working to open up as many spots as we can to serve the needs of students around the US during these uncertain times.”

For more information about signing up your child for Limitless Learning home tutoring, visit LimitlessLearningInternational.com/homeschooling

Limitless Learning prides itself on individualized learning, promised progress, and relationship driven. With the motto of where learning has no limits, LLT believes that all children can and will learn. LLT does not place a cap on what students can accomplish in academics.

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