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Where Do We Go From Here?

Upland, CA — Dr. Martin Luther King’s book titled, “Where Do We Go From Here” shares, “Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn.” (There are and always have been some white people that stand to make a difference).  When the Chauvin verdict came down a new lesson was taught.  It is time for justice to ring down for all citizens to be treated equally under the law.  Although a guilty verdict will not bring back George Floyd, it does bring hope for the future for other Black men and women to be treated as human beings rather than like animals.  Chauvin must be punished to the full extent of the law to ensure that true justice is served. Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris said, “A measure of justice is not the same as equal justice.”

The death of George Floyd increased the conversation around the possibility of defunding the police.  I believe that we need the police to provide law and order and it takes providing funds for that to happen.  However, part of the funds should be allocated towards training to help police become more sensitive and educated about the people they serve.  All Americans.  All citizens.  Humanity. It should be mandated that all police officers receive sensitivity training and some level of diversity and inclusion understanding.  Proclaiming that Black Lives Matter does not mean that Blue Lives do not matter.  If we are going to get to the other side of the racial tension that exists this needs to be understood. 

After the Derek Chauvin verdict was handed down, Congresswoman Karen Bass shared that our justice system has not just allowed police officers to get away with the murder of unarmed Black people — it has ensured it. The underlying message of this trial has come to represent our need for real, substantive, and transformative reform to our policing system. With the goal to transform policing we have the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to create a national standard for policing.  The Act passed in the House, but is yet to be passed in the Senate.  This Act would ban no-knock warrants, ban chokeholds, create a registry for problem officers, and change the threshold of prosecution for officers to ensure justice. 

George Floyd’s brother shared that this victory is for all people who have been unjustly treated by the police.  Not just African Americans, or Latinx, or any person of color, but for all people.  When we think about where do we go from here? First, we must never get weary in well doing.  We must continue to speak up and shed a light on injustice any and everywhere.  We must hold our police and government officials accountable to uphold the constitution and laws equally for everyone.  Why is it a white man can walk down the street in front of police officers holding a gun after he just killed people and he is not held responsible, but a Black man is killed for just being Black?  Racial inequity causes racial trauma. 

We must come together and unite as one people and one country, a bouquet of humanity, respecting and valuing each other’s differences if there is any hope for future generations.  Some of us came here on our own will while others were brought here against their will.  No matter the case, we are all here and we will have to learn to live together, or we will perish together. Which will it be?

 Healing Without Hate:  It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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