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The #1 Reason Why You Should Wash Your Feet Before Bed

We all come back home from work tired, and the last thing we want is to take care of our hygiene. Sure, we’ll brush our teeth, perhaps wash our face, and that’s it. Well, it might not be enough.

Let’s face it, we leave the house shiny clean and perfumed, but we return home sweaty and kind of smelly. Taking a shower before going to bed is a good practice, but if you’re not in the mood, at least you should wash your feet. Why? We’ll tell you all about it below, and you want to read this one carefully! It can save you from some pretty nasty situations. Here’s the number one reason why you should wash your feet before bed.

Your Feet Are Not Clean!

First things first. Your feet are amongst the dirtiest parts of your body (Your hands are the dirtiest, by the way.) You might think that because you’re wearing socks and shoes, your feet remain somewhat clean through the day, but all that warmth and moisture are perfect for fungi and bacterial growth — that’s why your feet sometimes smell like Cheetos.

Here’s the problem. When you hop into bed, all those bacteria find in your sheets an ideal place to thrive — think of your bed as a giant sock. And the problem is those microorganisms won’t stop at your feet; they can crawl up your body all the way up to your armpits. Needless to say, this is less than optimal for your health.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Wash Your Feet Every Night?

Again, if you take a shower, you’re kind of washing your feet along the rest of your body — so this is the best practice. Otherwise, it would help to change your sheets every couple of days to prevent fungi and bacteria from building an entire city under your sheets.

What you can also do is try to make your feet less comfortable for harmful and smelly microorganisms. Wear sandals from time to time, and it’s totally okay to walk barefoot around your home. Stinky feet are not normal; you don’t have to put up with it, and neither does your partner. Now, a stinky bed? That’s just too much, don’t you agree?

How to Wash Your Feet?

Although taking a bath or shower helps, you want to scrub your feet vigorously to eliminate bacteria but, most importantly, the dead yeast cells they feed on. Scrub your soles and heels, clip your toenails, and massage your feet a little while you’re at it — you deserve it.

After washing your feet, dry them thoroughly and let them breathe! Don’t go putting on socks again; let your feet breathe at least a few hours a day. And you might imagine you should never reuse dirty socks. Put on new ones or sleep barefoot.

If you notice anything unusual, like stains or spots in your toenails, visit a foot doctor. Most fungi and other stuff can be treated with ointments, but you should start treating them early on for best results.

Yes, Feet Are Dirty. So what?

Okay, feet are dirty, and they can spread bacteria to your bedsheets, but feet are also beautiful — the thing is, we don’t take care of them, so wash them every day, put on some lotion and treat them nice — they take you everywhere, don’t they? And you only have two of them, so take good care of them!

Stop worrying about sleeping with your feet dirty; always keep your feet clean and healthy, and that will be the least of your problems. While you’re at it, get yourself a manicure, and check your teeth. Take care of yourself, and you’ll have more than clean feet and white bedsheets.

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