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Award Ceremony Honors Ethnic Journalists

Award Ceremony Honors Ethnic Journalists

Sacramento, CA — Journalists representing the African American, Asian, Latino and Native American communities were honored at the Ethnic Media Awards. The event was sponsored by Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media (CBM) and was recently hosted in Sacramento.

The contest received about 300 entries in the print, electronic, English and in-language categories.

The event was preceded by a conference targeted at minority journalists.

The conference was attended by dignitaries such as Sec. of State Shirley Weber, Government Operations Secretary Amy Tong, Transportation Secretary Toks Omishakin and State Comptroller Malia Cohen.

Two of the organizers of the conference said they were proud to honor ethnic media and allow journalists to network with important state politicians.

“Ethnic media need a presence at the table,” said CBM Executive Director Regina Brown Wilson. “For the first time we’re coming together to meet and brainstorm with decision makers about how to build more inclusive communications.”

“This event aimed to build a direct channel of communications with the state to bridge a vital information gap between government and an increasingly diverse public,” said Sandy Close, executive director of Ethnic Media Services. “The response from both sectors is inspiring. Ethnic media came from as far away as El Centro in Imperial County and Hoopa in Humboldt — representing both long time veterans and emerging outlets serving newcomer audiences.”

California Black Media’s Antonio Harvey was honored for his coverage of California’s reparations panel.

Harvey said that his work on reparations had inspired him to do investigative reporting on California’s treatment of Asian Americans interned during World War II.

Here is a full list of all the award winners:

In-language reporting

  • Outstanding Breaking News: YTV, Pomsang Kim (Broadcast.) Black-Korean American Friendship Mural Discovered in Wake of LA Riots.
  • Outstanding Editorial: Alianza, Javier Alvarado and Rossana Drumond (Print.) Interview with jailed community leader Jose Hernandez.
  • Outstanding Feature Writing: Nguoi Viet, Kalynh Ngo. (Print) Profile of Music Producer To Van Lai.
  • Outstanding Explanatory Writing: Korea Daily, Suah Jang. Covering the lives and rights of Korean American seniors.
  • Outstanding Investigative Reporting: LA Opinion, Jorge Macias (Print.) The Testimony of a transgender woman experiencing hate and discrimination.
  • Outstanding International Reporting: World Journal, Charles Ding. (Print.) How different countries managed the pandemic .


Reporting in English

  • Outstanding Breaking News: Maria Ortiz Briones. (Print.) Covering local elections in Tulare County
  • Outstanding Editorial:  Philippines News, Ramon Faustino L Dolor II writing under the name Beting Laygo Dolor. ( Print.) The disappearance of cockfighting aficionados
  • Outstanding Feature Writing:  Black Catholic Messenger. Nate Tinner-Williams (Print.) Interview with a priest.
  • Outstanding Investigative Reporting: Sacramento Observer, Genoa Barrow. (Print.) DV and Community Gun Violence.
  • Outstanding International Reporting: AsAm News, Corrie Martin. (Print.) Babies and War-Jane Chen’s Baby incubators used in Russia-Ukraine War.
  • Outstanding Explanatory Reporting: Black Voice News, Breanna Reeves. (Print.) Birthing While Black.
  • Outstanding Photo Essay: LA Standard, Jason Lewis. Juneteenth Celebration.
  • Outstanding Photography: US News Express, Keyang Pang. Pastor Billy Chang.
  • Outstanding Website: Indian Voices, Verónica Wood. (Online.) indigenousnetwork.org.
  • Outstanding Social Media: Radio B’alam. (Online.) Indigenous Migrants Showcase Their Organizing Abilities.
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