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African American Health Expert Launches Online Wellness Journey Program

Nationwide — Chief Transformation Officer, Tonya Kinlow, creates online Remarkable Wellness Journey to help people find true happiness, deal with trauma, and feel better during these uneasy and uncertain times. The personalized 8-week journey will take place from April 25th – June 20th with live webinars, a health assessment and other online tools to help participants to refocus, re-shift and reenergize.

Kinlow comments, “Life is a journey, and the ultimate destination for each and every one of us is happiness. It’s the abiding sense of peace and joy that we all seek. The good news is what you truly want is already deep within you. You just have to pull it out and begin to follow the right path for you. When you’re on this path you discover happiness. The truth is that happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey and the enfoldment of your life’s purpose.”

Remarkable Wellness is accomplished by mind, body and spirit alignment. You will awaken and experience an alchemy that will elevate your thinking, gain support in this challenging time, and rediscover your joy. Healthy choices, clarity, connection and remarkable wellness are the result. Discover your purpose through health and your health through purpose.

“Remember that time is relative, not absolute. Yes, there are 60 minutes in every hour, but how you feel is really what matters most,” Kinlow adds.

The Remarkable Wellness Journey live webinar series cultivates a new mindset through 7 universal principles to elevate your thinking from the level of the problem, to your spiritual guidance, which is the level of the solution.

In your personal wellness kit, you will receive:  A Personalized Wellness Assessment; TK’s Transformation Guide and Wellness Journal; Access to 8 live wellness webinars, and
a few other surprises!

Kinlow will be joined by notable health and wellness speakers from across the country, like Althea Lawton-Thompson, Sonia Jackson Myles, and Evan Campbell. Learn transcendent wellness during our ‘At Home Wellness Retreat’

For more information visit http://ow.ly/ZOmw50zhiw6

Tonya Kinlow is a nationally sought after Health & Wellness Lifestyle Entrepreneur, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Blogger, and an Author. Her three books, A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing, The 10 Days: A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation andA Wellness Journey are all dedicated to health and wellness through mindful living. Tonya left Corporate America in 2016 to launch the UGottaEat app, creating a virtual marketplace providing much needed fresh and healthy meals into local communities, and a platform for food sharing. UGottaEat is dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness of society. She writes a weekly blog, Mindfulness Matters, raising awareness for living a holistically healthy life.

Althea Lawton-Thompson is the President of Aerobics, Yoga & More™, an Atlanta-based corporate wellness company. As a 23-year certified fitness expert, seasoned Yoga & meditation instructor, and international holistic healing guide, she has created wellness programs for many companies, universities, and hospital systems. Althea has led 17 Living Life Limitlessly™ wellness retreats landing her in the Top 6 Wellness Retreats of 2019. She is the author of bestselling fiction novel, Losing Control, and entrepreneur how-to book, Twenty, and her music album, Guided Meditations with Althea, topped the Amazon New Age Bestsellers list.

Sonia Jackson Myles is the Founder, President & CEO of The Accord Group LLC, & The Sister Accord LLC. Her global movement has 3 areas of focus: Educating girls and women, Enlightening girls and women of the Power of Sisterhood and Eradicating bullying and violence against girls and women. Sonia is the author of The Sister Accord: 51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister, which was nominated for a 2013 NAACP Image Award. Her other books are Ways To LOVE Your Childrenand an eBook titled 7 Essential Steps To Bringing Your Dream To Life.

Evan Campbell is the Founder of Royal Perceptions LLC., a digital media company providing services such as web design, book publishing, and graphic design. As a graduate of Wright State University, he recently completed his IDDL-1 Certificate and has begun offering Instructional Design consulting services. Evan was in a car crash back in 2010 that left him a quadriplegic. However, Evan refuses to let his disability hold him back and became committed to living independently. Evan currently works with Remarkable Wellness and UGottaEat as a Digital Media Director and strives to support other entrepreneurs as well.

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