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Phenomenal Finish for Community Care Consortium Cohort One

Upland, CA– Community Care Consortium recently concluded its first cohort for the completion of their “Short Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP) [formerly referred to as “Group Homes”] licensing application preparation.


The purpose of the Community Care Consortium is to be the conduit for individuals and organizations who wanted support in navigating the process of applying and securing a license from the State of California to open and operate a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRPT) or Adult Residential Facility (ARF).


Throughout the program, which included preparing STRTP licensing application, program statement and mental health protocols. Experts from relevant disciplines were on hand to teach the classes on the critical aspects of STRTP management, responsibilities, success strategies, staying motivated through the process; and sharing the tools and knowledge necessary to meet and exceed the State Standards and their business expectations.


The Community Care Consortium helped participants to navigate through STRTP Application; Corporate Compliance; Non-Profit Formation, 501(c)3; Legal Compliance; Finance and Budgeting; Insurance; RFP’s (County Contracts); Accreditation; Start-up Financing; Operational Support; Hiring Practices; County and Probation Placement; Mental Health Advocacy; Hiring Practices; Facility and Staff Audits; Medi-Cal Billing, Finance and Budgeting; Educational Rights; Advertising and Marketing and much more.


“In congruence with the State of California’s ‘Continuum of Care Reform’ policies, the State has set the fee for service to $12,036 per child (a total $72,216 per month for 6 children) to provide sorely-needed therapeutic services for the youth that are served,” said Tommy Morrow, cohort leader. “With that said, those who are considering becoming a provider for this program with sights primarily on the potential financial gain are highly DISCOURAGED to participate. We are looking to work with those who have a heart for children and are committed to working to create successful outcomes.”


Applications are currently being accepted for the next cohort which begins on February 20, 2019.  The length of the application and program statement preparation program is four months and meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm. People who are currently running a Group Home and are interested in re-certifying as a licensed Short-Term Residential Treatment Program facility – or those who are considering entering the process for the first time are eligible for the program. For more information please call (909) 949-3099.

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