• From Civil War to Civil Rights, Frank Smith Lives Black History

    Apr 20, 2016, 1:03 p.m.

    Frank Smith, Jr. emerged from a Mississippi jail and learned that he was wanted — by Uncle Sam. The 20-year-old civil rights worker had been locked up for three weeks in Greenwood for helping blacks register to vote. “After I was released from jail, I called my mother at home in Georgia to tell her I was okay,” said Smith, 73, of Washington, D.C. “She told me I had a draft notice to go to Vietnam.”
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  • Black Parents Say 'Make University of California an Option' for African Americans

    Apr 20, 2016, 1:05 p.m.

    The cost of a University of California education, feeling welcomed on campus and whether academic records are strong enough. These were among the concerns raised by a group of 16 African American parents - educators, counselors, community college students - in a candid conversation with UC President Janet Napolitano.
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  • Local Activist Suits Himself by Suiting Others

    Apr 20, 2016, 1:08 p.m.

    They say that clothes make the man. Kevin Livingston brings that maxim to life. When he was 15, New York City cops grabbed Livingston in Queens and arrested him for armed robbery. “Thank God for the principal of my school,” Livingston said. “He came and showed the police that I was in school during the time of the robbery. They had to let me go.”
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How to Market Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

There are ways to market your business even if you are short in cash. Small business owners often find difficulty in marketing their business. They usually find this task overwhelming especially if they are operating on a limited budget. Thankfully, however, there are now a number of ways by which small business owners can market their products and services on a shoestring budget. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to accomplish your goal.

Miller Lite Tap the Future is Giving out $200,00 for Entrepreneurs

Many people have ideas but have no resources to power them, yet some of these ideas have huge potential. Convincing investors to pump money into ideas isn’t that easy though. In fact, in most cases, a number of investors are looking for entrepreneurs who’ve already started doing something, however small.


Blake Griffin

Clippers Attack as Blake Griffin is Back

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Clippers face the visiting Washington Wizards which are led by superstar John Wall. However, all of the attention was focused on the return of Blake Griffin to the Clippers’ lineup. Griffin had missed a total of 45 games due to injuries (partially torn left quadriceps and a broken right hand), and a suspension. In an unfortunate incident he broke his hand after punching Matias Testi, the Clippers’ assistant equipment manager. That resulted in a four game suspension.

Calvin Johnson

Detroit Lions Star WR Calvin Johnson Retires After Nine Seasons

Calvin Johnson, one the most spectacular receivers in NFL history, retired from the Detroit Lions on Tuesday and rekindled memories of the way superstar running back Barry Sanders quietly stepped away from football.


Etiquette Excursion with Mona Johnson

Remember, when it was fun and a luxury to be able to leave someone a voice message. People would put half a song on their machine and you would enjoy the music. Those days are gone. Long gone. Even now when we leave a social message we are in a hurry and rushed to get the details of the message communicated because we have to move on to something just or more important. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to spend too much time trying to get the meaning of the message because people fail to organize their message and make it worthwhile for us to salvage the information without listening to the entire message from beginning to end just to retrieve the name and number of the caller.

Seven Skills You Should Learn Before You Turn 50 Years Old

Your ability to acquire skills will determine your value in the market and the level of impact you can have in the world. Here are 7 skills you should learn before you turn 50