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Urban Excellence Launches 9-Month Certification Program Developing Life Coaches to Serve Urban Communities

Statewide — Urban Excellence, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing world-class personal growth and development programs to urban communities (UrbanExcellence.net) officially announced that applications are now being accepted for their 9-Month Community Coaching Academy. The purpose of this program is to develop a cadre of highly-trained professional coaches that are willing to provide support and encouragement to people in navigating life changes and stresses brought on by the global pandemic, racial tensions, political unrest, racial tensions, and economic instability.

“Coaching, as defined by the International Coach Federation is, “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential,” said Kim Anthony, Founder and CEO of Urban Excellence, Inc., and nonprofit executive leadership trainer coach from as early as the industry’s inception in the early 1980’s. “But what we are noticing today is that the principles and strategies that we’ve employed over the past several decades of providing coaching to high-impact executives, are also proving to be effective in supporting people from diverse “walks of life” who in today’s most turbulent and unsettling times, are finding themselves in positions where they may be needing to “reboot their dreams” and navigate “new ways forward,” often with limited resources and immense financial hardship.

“In response, the Urban Excellence’s pilot 9-month coaching certification program was created to develop a cadre of world-class-level professional coaches, who are culturally-competent and passionate and committed to serving people in our community as they take the necessary steps to create the best possible outcomes for their lives, their families and community as a whole,” said Anthony.

Presented virtually online in a live “cohort-style format,” the curriculum for the pilot program focuses on the 8 Core Coaching Competencies, as established by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the gold standard for professional coach credentialing worldwide. Participants also receive an immersive education in coaching practice ethics (including and especially the hard line between coaching and psychological therapy), coaching practice and development, as well as the demonstrated skills that are necessary to succeed in the profession. In support of the community clients that our graduates may serve, participants will also receive training in Cultural Competency, Community Resource Navigation, Wellness, Resilience & Self Care, Financial Literacy and Strategies for Breaking Through Deterrents of Social and Economic Mobility.”

“Also ‘baked into’ the program is Urban Excellence University’s Core Curriculum which includes the prerequisites Urban Excellence 1.0 and 2.0, which may be taken concurrently with the coaching academy, and provides an opportunity for the participants to take on achieving their own personal and professional goals,” said Anthony.

Graduates may use their training in pursuit of launching their own professional coaching practices or to enhance their ability to serve at their respective churches or community organizations (with prior approval from pastoral or organizational leadership). Graduates of the program will also be eligible to apply to be a coach for Urban Excellence Community Coaching Program whose mission is to provide coaching (by telephone or Zoom) on a sliding scale, making it affordable and accessible for all seeking positive personal change.

Tuition for programs of this magnitude is often be thousands of dollars per student, but due to the generous support of the organization’s corporate sponsors and foundation grants, a limited number of full and partial scholarships are available. For more information, to nominate a participant or to apply call (310) 773-6140 or visit UrbanExcellence.net/Coaching-Academy.

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