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Upland City Council Accepts $1.5 million from SB Supervisors

By Manny Otiko  | Inland Valley News

Tuesday’s meeting of the Upland City Council was a great example of how you can’t please everyone. 

The city council members were pleased to accept checks totaling a combined $1.5 million from San Bernardino County Supervisors Curt Hagman and Jesse Armendarez. Both supervisors were on hand to deliver the checks. The money, which came from the supervisors’ discretionary funds, will go towards improving the Baldy View Dog Park. There are also plans to install security cameras in the downtown area.  

“The first project, Baldy View Dog Park, will include a redesign, expansion, and improvement of the large and small dog areas of the park. This includes the installation of fencing, lighting, shade structures, walking path installation, sod installation, and dog park amenities, as a way of promoting healthier living environments and socialization,” said Hagman in a Facebook post. “The second project, located in downtown Upland, will support the installation of multiple surveillance cameras in the downtown area to improve public safety and security. This project will be an important step towards creating a safer and more secure downtown area for residents, workers, and visitors.” 

“The downtown cameras are going to be very helpful for us,” said Mayor Bill Alto.  

However, not everyone was happy with the development.  

During the public comment section of the meeting, several residents expressed their displeasure at the development. Some residents said the improvements will only bring more activity to their neighborhood.  

“Neighbors do not want lighting at the dog park,” said Sandra Hall. “We deserve to have a quiet evening at home, not an all-night, kennel-like atmosphere.” 

She said more lights at the park might mean more activity. Hall also expressed frustration that some board members had lobbied hard for the dog park but had not contacted residents to gauge their opinions. Several of the commenters felt councilors had moved ahead with the project without consulting residents.  

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