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Upland, CA — Once again COVID-19 has put a glitch in our everyday lives.  This year we are told not to let our children go out “trick or treating” or attend Halloween parties.  Of course, this is good advice to help fight the virus and hopefully bring our numbers down from this pandemic.  When my children were little, I was never really much in favor of them trick or treating anyway.  I always preferred they attend activities at church or for us to do something at home as a family. However, I know there are children and adults alike that love Halloween and cannot wait to dress up and have a good time.  I want to caution everyone to use wisdom during these days because if you go out, you may think you are getting a “treat” when in reality you may get “tricked.”

We are living in uncertain times. When groups such as the “Wolverine Watchman,” the domestic terrorist group who plotted to kidnap both the Michigan and Virginia Governors just because they do not agree with their politics, we are in scary times as a nation.  None of us are safe. Especially when the President of the United States encourages such actions by sending out tweets saying, “Liberate Michigan and Liberate Virginia.” That was a hidden message to those who follow him and know his agenda. Just like when he said, “Stand Back and Stand By.” America, we are being tricked by the person who holds the highest office of our land. If we think he cares about all of us equally, we are sadly mistaken.

None of us can let our guards down.  We must stay vigilant during these last few days before the election to make sure everyone’s rights are protected and that we get out and vote.  The only way we can really make a difference is if we vote and in large numbers.  We also must hold all elected officials and leaders responsible to represent all citizens equally no matter what color, religious belief, or political affiliation they may be.  If we are not careful our “United States” will become so divided that it could ignite a real split and possibly another civil war.  No matter which way the election goes, there is going to be some fall out and a need for healing and rebuilding to restore some level of unity back to our country.

We must be careful because there is even a conspiracy network that is focusing on the Latino community by spreading a lot of false information about Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to cause doubt and confusion.  They are saying that if he wins America would be controlled by “Jews and Blacks.”  This is a trick, and it is wrong.  Our country has been controlled for so long by white America, those that want to see racial divide are spreading rumors that are not true.  By the way, America is made up of people from all backgrounds, creeds, ethnicities, and race.  Our government and leadership should reflect that as well.

So, as we prepare to celebrate Halloween, remember children can afford to be careless, but we as adults cannot.  All of us want and need a breather from the normal day to day responsibilities and have a little fun, but we are not living in normal times and we must keep our guards up.  I understand the need and importance for all of us to relax sometimes and have a little treat, but when we are in the home stretch like we are, do not get weary in well doing.  Rest if you must, but do not let your guard down.  Some treats are not worth being tricked over.  As my grandmother would say, don’t take any wooden nickels!

Healing Without Hate:  It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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