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The Election Is A Selection for The Next Leader of The Free World

By: Ron Williams, IVN Columnist

Our country in the next two months will make the biggest political decision in my lifetime.  Americans have the responsibility and the obligation to vote for the next President of the United States of America.  All eligible voters should be held accountable to take this election seriously not only for their own sake but for the sake of this country.  Regardless if you want to “Build Back Better” or “Make America Great Again” you must vote. Historically many Americans have felt the pain of persecution, the discomfort of discrimination and the obscenity of oppression to have the right to vote.  Regardless of the gender, race, age, economic status, religion, or politics of the two candidates and their running mates, you must vote. By not voting you are disparaging and disrespecting the memory of the men and women who spent many years of blood, sweat, tears and death for us to have the privilege and the power to vote.

I can remember the pride I had the first time I went into the polling booth and pulled the lever for my candidates.  It made me feel I was part of the solution and not part of the problem.  I am a believer in the theory that one person can make a difference and impact the world.  History has shown us this is true.  What would the world be without Jesus Christ, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and George Washington?  While most of us will probably not make impactful contributions as these heroes and heroines; but we can make our opinions felt and our voices heard through our vote.

As a former corporate executive, I have held many leadership positions and for the last two decades I have studied and researched the art and science of leadership.  I recently wrote a book on leadership titled RHYTHMIC LEADERSHIP: The Book That Makes Its Readers Better Leaders. I have seen good leaders turn bad companies good and I have seen bad leaders turn good companies bad. Leadership makes a difference.  That is why you have to determine who you think will be the best leader for this country and then vote for that person.  In my book I talk about my 5 V’s of the rhythmic leader.  By sharing this potential measurement I hope it helps you make the right choice for our next leader: 1) Which candidate has a Vision of the country you believe in and can see yourself having a positive future in; 2) Which candidate has Values you believe in, and they act with principles that you hold yourself accountable to; 3) Which candidate has a Voice that express your thoughts and conveys direction and guidance you can believe in; 4) Which candidate do you believe will keep their Vows and honor their word and promises, which demonstrates integrity and character; and 5) Which candidate will bring Victory to the United States in a manner that will have us feel the respect of our allies, the fear of our enemies and  the faith of the American people.  If you follow this guideline it is very apparent who should get your vote.  Regardless who you vote for PLEASE VOTE.

Ron Williams is Vice President for Personal Services Plus, LLC. (www.personalservicesplusllc.com). His latest book is called “Rhythmic Leadership:  The Book That Makes its Readers Better Leaders. He is also known as the #leadershipwhisperer.

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