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Thank You For Your Service

Upland, CA 

Veterans Day is a time when we say thank you to all the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces.
Because of them we can experience a freedom that is not necessarily free. Many have given their lives in service
to protect us and the values of our country. It is sad that we live in a world where military forces are necessary,
but since the beginning of time countries have gone to war over territories, control, and power. It is important
that we pause and thank those that sacrifice for us and put their lives on the line time and time again. Sadly, as
long as we have wars, we will have to show our gratitude to those who are willing to put their lives on the line.

My family has had several members that have served and even given their lives in honor of service to our
country. Recently my step grandfather, known as Big Daddy, passed away and this past week we had his
memorial service. I learned a lot about him and the service he gave to his country to make a difference. He
served in the United States Air Force giving twenty years. He was a Vietnam Veteran. He thrived as a Jet Aircraft
Mechanic specializing in B-52 Aircrafts. His military career took him across the globe serving his country. We
will forever be grateful for his service. Thank you, Charlie Lewis Jolly, Jr., this article is dedicated to you.

We also have other family members, men, and women, who have served and currently still serve across all
branches of the military. The army, the navy, and the air force. Some of them have made a lifetime career,
while others may have only given a few years. Some of them fought, some of them serve in intelligence, while
one of my uncles even served as a chaplain. We also have relatives who serve in different capacities assisting
and serving the military by working for the Department of Defense (DOD) and being teachers. In particular,we
have two aunts who served abroad working in schools teaching the children of those who were serving. There
are various roles people can serve to help make of the team. During this season we stop and say thank you to
everyone that is on the team to help make our lives better and safer.

What can you do during this Veterans Day to show your appreciation for our freedom. If you know someone
who has served, and you can do something kind to show them your gratitude, that would be a good gesture of
appreciation. You can send handwritten notes to those currently serving to let them know how much you
appreciate them. As a matter of fact, since the holidays are upon us you can even send them holiday care
packages. Something all of us can do to show a public expression of appreciation is to hang the American flag at
our home or office. I know there are a lot of issues in our country and some people have tried to use the flag as
a point of division, and tension, but remember our flag stands for all Americans. Do not let what others think or
do stop you from being proud of your country and those who currently serve or those who have died keeping us
free. I know I have family members who currently serve, and even some who have shed their blood to keep this
the land of the free and the home of the brave and I will forever be grateful for their service.

Happy Veterans Day!
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