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Stay Hungry Not Thirsty

Upland, CA

Recently I attended a book signing for Arlan Hamilton at the Blackbird House.  It was an insightful and invigorating event.  Ms. Hamilton shared why we do not have to be born into a legacy of wealth to leave one behind.  She is determined to help entrepreneurs and startup companies realize their first million dollars and how much of it is in the power of our hands and minds.  One of the things she mentioned that caught my attention is how important it is for us to stay hungry, but not thirsty.  According to Webster Dictionary there is little difference between the two.  When you are thirsty it means you show a strong desire for something.  When you are hungry you have a strong craving for something. When you have a need for something versus a desire it makes a big difference in your approach on how you go about acquiring it. Your intentions and expressions differ between the two.  One may be an emotion while the other is a necessity needed to sustain life.

When I think of someone who is thirsty, they are desperate, but someone who is hungry has a determination to keep going until they have reached a goal. Have you ever witnessed a person who was thirsty for something they were willing to compromise their mission or vision just to get it?  But when someone is hungry, they are more prone to not sacrifice their core. I have been an entrepreneur for over three decades and I understand what it means to be both thirsty and hungry.  When you are first starting out in business you can appear to be thirsty because you are.  You are trying to make a deal and get a client and sometimes you may not understand when you need to step back and take a seat.  When people know you are thirsty, they can take advantage of you, and you may not realize it until much later.  Some lessons are hard to share until they are experienced.

What are you hungry for? What do you believe is your calling? I often talk about the importance of understanding your meaning, message, and mission.  When you know your why it allows you to develop your message of what you are to say and do.  Once you understand your why and you develop your message you will be able to carry out your mission, which allows you to live out your purpose.  To be authentic you must stay hungry, but do not become thirsty where you compromise your home training, your values, and the essence of who you are. Metaphorically it is said that a person who is hungry is often ambitious, driven, and eager to achieve something.  They have a strong desire for success, accomplishment, or fulfillment, whereas someone who is thirsty, metaphorically, implies a strong desire for attention, validation, or achieving social status.  They are seeking approval, recognition, and popularity.

We are in a new day and trying times are all around us. We will all be challenged on what side of the fence we will take a stand. Only the strong and those hungry to do the right thing for the right reason will stand and last in the long run.  Do not get weary in well doing.  When you look around there will be others standing with you who have the same vision and mission.  It may get lonely, but you will not be alone.

Healing Without Hate: It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on.

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