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State Promotes Water Conservation By Way of Water-Wise Yards

Statewide — Ashley Williams of the Governor’s Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC) spoke with Inland Valley News regarding the Save Our Water campaign.


This statewide water conservation program aims to foster water conservation practices in light of the state’s drought situation.


According to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), 2023 was the 8th wettest year in 5 decades.


While the state experienced wet weather this past winter and is no longer in a drought, California’s hotter, drier climate can make it difficult to conserve water.


“We’re swinging between extreme wind periods and extreme dry periods,” Williams said.


Williams said that climate experts believe that without intervention, extreme weather could diminish California’s water supply by up to 10% by 2040.


Because of this, Williams encouraged California residents to make water conservation a routine in their daily lives.


“We want to really encourage residents to make water conservation a daily lifestyle and adopt this new mindset for conserving water year round,” Williams said. “We’re out here encouraging people to conserve by planting water-wise yards and doing some other daily habits in their homes to really conserve that water in the state.”


Williams said that there are many benefits to planting water-wise yards.


“Water-wise gardens are beautiful and colorful and low maintenance,” she said.


Williams told Inland Valley News that taking steps such as replacing plants and grass with more drought tolerant plants can save 60 to 100 gallons of water.


According to Williams, the state has been working with experts in organizations across the state that specialize in educating residents on environmental matters such as water conservation.


One such expert is Dr. Sherridan Ross, Health and Wellness Director of the Compton Metro Community Development Corp.


According to the corporation’s website, Ross has used his expertise to “develop community gardens, health and nutrition programs, and healthy living programs in Compton and surrounding communities.”


Williams urges Californians to think long-term in terms of water conservation.


“We want to make sure that we’re conserving now and for the future too,” she said.


Williams said that conservation is the easiest, cheapest and most immediate action that residents can take to protect California’s water source.


“Water is so precious in the state,” she said.


Williams suggested other methods of saving water, such as turning the water faucet off while brushing teeth or washing fruits and vegetables in a bowl as opposed to doing so under running water.


She said that one of the things that wastes the most water are leaks in the home.


Williams claimed that, by repairing leaks, Californians can save up to 90 gallons of water each day.”


She encouraged state residents to visit saveourwater.com to find tips and resources for saving water as well as yard transformation rebate options.


“It’s time to rethink your landscaping,” the website reads. “There are customizable solutions to fit every style and budget that are both beautiful and functional.”

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