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SBCSS Teacher of the Year Honored

San Bernardino, CA — The San Bernardino County Board of Education recognized the 2022 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) Teacher of the Year during a ceremony following its July 5 regular meeting.

“We have an incredible team of educators across our county here at SBCSS,” said County Superintendent Ted Alejandre. “I am incredibly proud of their commitment, dedication and passion to provide engaging and innovative learning experiences for all students. This award honors one of our educators who went above and beyond, and I congratulate her role in transforming lives through education.” 

Janet Lopez was awarded 2022 SBCSS Teacher of the Year. Lopez represents the West End Region as a preschool special education teacher at Live Oak Early Education Center and has served in this role for the past 25 years. 

According to the nomination form, “she has a warm, welcoming presence, that allows her to make meaningful connections with every student and family. She is committed to providing an exciting school experience to help students have fun as they are gaining competence and independence.”

“Janet differentiates all instruction so that students receive learning opportunities that are targeted to their level regardless of the disability and their unique learning style,” said Live Oak Early Education Center Principal Cami Young. “Janet has established a positive, welcoming, warm, encouraging and nurturing classroom environment that is highly conducive to student learning.”

Recipients of the SBCSS Teacher of the Year award were nominated by their peers and administrators and were selected by a panel comprised of staff from all three regions and the San Bernardino County Teachers Association.

About San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

The mission of San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools is to transform lives through education. Working in collaboration with school districts, other agencies, families and our community partners, we provide leadership, advocacy and services to ensure innovative, inspiring educational practices for the 33 K-12 school districts within the county. This endeavor is essential to the quality of life and economic vitality of our communities.

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