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Publisher Emeritus, Tommy Morrow to Receive 2023 “Good Brother Award” Los Angeles Chapter of the Nation Congress of Black Women

Los Angeles, CA – The Inland Valley Newspaper Group is pleased to celebrate our Founding Publisher and Publisher Emeritus, Tommy Morrow, on being selected as one of the 2023 recipients of the Good Brother Award from the Los Angeles Chapter of the Nation Congress of Black Women. All of us here at the paper are
well aware of his lifetime of his tireless work of behalf of others and his commitment to community service.

Mr. Morrow has demonstrated time and time again his love of people and desire to help others succeed.
Over and over, you can find him taking the time to teach, train, and encourage those who have a dream
and are in need of direction, and at times, financial resources. This is evidenced in the testimony of those
who have benefited from his knowledge and skills in several disciplines. Morrow said, “I believe in that
passage from the ancient book of life that says, ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ I have been
blessed above measure, much more than I deserved, and feel a sense of obligation to share with others
what I have received. I have discovered that it is through giving that one learns how to live. I want to live
my life in such a way that my faith is reflected in all that I do.”

Tommy Morrow has a long list of accomplishments, and The Inland Valley Newspaper Group is pleased
to highlight some of them. He is a retired educator, school administrator, and co-founder of an aviation-
focused charter high school. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Miles
College in Birmingham, Alabama, Alabama and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Administration
from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. He did his theological training at
Birmingham Baptist Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama.

Tommy Morrow, has spent a career of nearly 40 years in public school education and administration, for
profit and non profit business while serving in the Christian ministry. This recipient of the Outstanding
Educator Award from Johns Hopkins University holds a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential,
California Supplemental English Credential, a California Second Language Certification and completed
the coursework for the California Administrative Credential. He also founded the Palomares Middle
School Writers & Artists Club in Pomona, CA.

As an aviation enthusiast, Tommy Morrow and his younger brother are founders of an aviation charter
school. He has held several esteemed positions, including Board Member of Rotary International in
Pomona; Board Member of the Salvation Army in Pomona; Board Member of the Optimist Club in
Pomona; Board Member of Habitat for Humanity in La Verne; and memberships in both the National
Teachers Association and the Pomona Teachers Association.

In his leisure time, Tommy enjoys reading, traveling, and visiting zoos throughout the world. As an
extensive traveler, he has explored many parts of the globe. Some of his favorite places to visit include
the Republic of South Africa, London, England; Seoul, South Korea; Banff, Canada; Paris, France; and
the West Indies.

Tommy Morrow is referred to by some as a Renaissance Man. He is involved in multiple disciplines, all
focusing on improving the quality of life for those in his sphere. For nearly four decades, he has had a
significant influence and impact upon this region. He is committed to empowering people to be the best
they can be every day of their lives.

A business and human development expert, Tommy Morrow has achieved both local and national
prominence by designing and implementing programs and services that impact communities and
individuals. His efforts focus on helping those who’s number one desire is to grow and develop into their best selves. As a community developer, he has a great love for all people. Through his business acumen,
he has provided employment opportunities for a number of individuals, thereby, enriching the lives of
families and providing economic growth and development in the local community.

He is the Founder and has served as Senior Pastor of the Victory Community Church, Upland, CA and
MorenoValley, CA for more than 32nd years.

He is Founder and Publisher Emeritus of the Inland Valley Newspaper Group, a For Profit California
Corporation. Now celebrating its 31 st anniversary, IVN is the only African American owned and operated,
legally adjudicated community print newspaper between the cities of Los Angles and San Bernardino,

He also leads Morrow Communications Group, LLC, which specializes in creating high impact messages
and images at targeted communities and providing messaging, imaging and implementing strategies that
inform and influence public opinion. Most recent successful project was with Bridge Development
Partners, Inc., the Upland Bridge Project.

As the founder of the Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala now in its 23rd year. This annually sold-out
event is the largest African American led business gathering in the Inland Valley, and consistently hosts
more than500 attendees and over 35 major sponsors.

He also serves as the founder of the Boys to Businessmen, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit
Corporation that specialized in working with young men, teaching core business principles and providing
resources for them to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures.

He also leads Shining Glory Publications, a book publishing company that specializes in short run
printing. We can publish one book to 5,000 books per run. We publish and have published books and
magazines for academicians, children’s book authors, pastors’ sermon books and those who would like to
publish a copy of their memoir.

Other social enterprise endeavors include:

  • Founder, Morrow Pancreatic Health Foundation (MPHF), a California Nonprofit Public Benefit
    Corporation that provides awareness, resources, support and hope for those suffering from
    pancreatitis and other pancreas-related illness. It is through advocating for new and better testing
    and therapies and providing support and education for patients, caregivers and health care
    professionals that is the hallmark of our work.
  •  Co-founder, along with Kim Anthony-Morrow, of the Sheppard’s Nest Independent Living Home
    for Senior Women, is a 501(c)3 California Public Benefit Corporation that provides housing
    services to senior women who have limited resources to adequately take care of themselves and
    have a good quality of life. The Sheppard’s Nest is housed in a fully restored 111-year-old,
    beautifully decorated, loving, and caring home in the Los Angeles area.
  •  Founder of the African Village Weekend Cultural and Performing Arts, Inc., a year-long music
    and arts program for youth and children, culminating with a 3-day music and arts festival
    highlighting participants who perform on the same stage with professional entertainers. Co-Founder, along with Kimberly Anthony-Morrow, his wife, of the Community Care
    Consortium, Inc. This organization provides training for individuals who want to enter the Social

Services specializing in Children and Youth welfare. It also helps people do the preliminary work to apply to the State of California for a license to profile quality Short Term Residential Treatment Program for children.

  • Co-Founder of the Urban Authors Institute, along with his wife Kimberly Anthony-Morrow, his
    wife to provide a platform for new and emerging writers to connect with a community of writers.
    The ‘Institute operates the Urban Authors Incubator which connects authors with artist, editors
    and copy-editors, logistics and all the professional writing tools, copyright, eBook, perfect
    binding and hard cover, printing and all that is needed to become a published author.Tommy Morrow is respected and recognized as a leader, mentor and advocate in the Inland Valley of
    Southern California. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in and out of the
    local community. His motto is simple, “start where you are, use what you have, and follow through until
    you get the results you are seeking.”

The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in
1984, dedicated to the educational, political, economic and cultural development of African American
women and their families. NCBW also serves as a non-partisan voice and instrument on issues pertaining
to the appointment of African American women at all levels of government, and to increase African
American women’s participation in the educational, political, economic and social arenas. Currently,
NCBW provides opportunities for women for leadership and decision-making positions in government,
nonprofit organizations and the private sector.

Their mission is to educate youth on the responsibilities of good citizenship and the importance of
engaging the political process, while also providing opportunities for internships and other learning
experiences at the local, state, national and global levels.

The National Congress of Black Women’s founding chairs were Shirley Chisholm and Dr. C. Delores
Tucker. Chisholm was an educator, author, and politician. She became the first African American woman
elected in Congress in 1968 and in 1972, became the first African American woman to make a serious bid
to run for President of the United States. Tucker was the first African American woman to serve as
Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth, and the first African-American woman to serve as
secretary of a U.S. state government. Other notable NCBW founders include Dr. Dorothy Height and
Coretta Scott King.

The Good Brother Award is one of the initiatives of the National Congress of Black Women. This event is
being held August 12, 2023 at the Carson Community Center at 11:00am-3:00pm.
Through the generosity of people like you, the National Congress of Black Women Los Angeles Chapter
has made a difference in the lives of members of our community. Your gift will allow us to improve our
communities by providing counseling and resources for victims of domestic violence, supporting military
families, contributing to the success of youth, and advocating for better healthcare.

Your support is crucial to achieving the initiatives that are changing lives in our community.

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