Lancaster, CA — The beautiful thing about all the current injustices, as opposed to the ones we consider history, is that they are causing the scales to fall off of the eyes of Black people of today’s generation. Black people have been able to identify the sleeper cells of non-people-of-color (POC) that have infiltrated our lives and our families, and we now realize that these same non-POC that we have held in such high esteem are devoid of the genuine love that would keep them from making us a target when their non-POC family members go on the hunt for us.

As a father of two young black boys and two young black girls, I struggle with holding it together and giving them the proper Christian answers to questions about how I can be their protector, teacher, and a target all at the same time. How this target on my back and theirs shouldn’t decrease their potential to progress and succeed in life, as long as they have faith in God–the same God that just so happens to be the one that the oppressors have weaponized against us.

There is a great misconception that one day Black people will no longer be targets. The truth is, although we will remain targets, we must remember that the hardest target to hit is a moving one. I must teach them that we cannot continue to allow ourselves to be easy targets by standing still or lying down. We must make it difficult for them to kill us and our advancements by continually moving (forward). Progression is the key to open the lock that seals our fate and our future as a prosperous community once again. It will not require the validation of the hunters or the ones standing by spectating. 

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