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Now is The Time to Reinvent and Reinvest in YOURSELF

By: Ron Williams

Upland, CA — The world that we once knew has dramatically changed. This new normal has made us think twice before we touch anything, and we are now more than ever leery of being near other people, especially if they are not wearing a mask or gloves. We don’t want to be in any confined spaces and have to breathe the same air. No longer do we feel comfortable going to places where there will be people we do not know. This loss of innocence has been replaced by a skepticism and fear that affects almost every aspect of our well-being. This new reality is making us reprogram our relationships with the world, the workplace, and with each other.

Many of the world’s leading economists have stated that the global economy has entered the opening stages of a recession with the potential to become a depression. This dramatic financial slowdown and broad-based shock to global growth could send financial markets from a drawdown to a meltdown. The stone-cold facts are that no organization, business, government, or nonprofit will be the same because of this pandemic.

These organizational entities are going to be forced to shut down, shut off, and shut out its greatest resource . . . the human resource. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and the prospects of some people getting back to work does not look good. They say when your neighbor loses their job, it is a recession; but when you lose your job, it is a depression. There is going to be a lot of people who will feel like they are in a depression. Many people will struggle with job losses and family financial hardships.

But you have the power to decide how you will respond and react to this ugly reality. You can feel bad and become a victim of your circumstances. You can stick your head in the sand and act like nothing is happening. You can cry on someone’s shoulder and have them feel sorry for you. You can get mad at God and blame him for everything bad in your life. You can move in with your parents or in-laws and never leave their basement. Or you can make a conscious decision that you will face this dilemma square in the face and declare victory. The victory will be won when you reinvent and reinvest in YOURSELF.

The road to reinvention starts with self-awareness. I strongly suggest you take some time for some serious introspection, reflection, and self-awareness. This will help you see where your thoughts and feelings are guiding you. This time spent with yourself will allow you to take control of your behavior and actions so you can make the necessary changes to get the results and outcomes you are trying to achieve. When you embark upon any journey, you have choices to make. First, you should know where you currently are at the start of the journey. Then, you identify where you want to go, which is your destination. Then, you map out a plan to figure out how you would get from where you are to where you want to go. Once the plan is developed, you take into consideration what you have or what you would need to get you to your destination. The same principles are true in developing a new destination for your life or career.

If you are going to change the direction that your life seems to be heading in, it must be INTENTIONAL.

If you want to find gainful employment so you can keep your family fed, clothed, and sheltered, it must be INTENTIONAL.

If you want to start your own business and become an employer rather than an employee, it must be INTENTIONAL.

If you want to get victory and not become a victim of this evil coronavirus and punishing pandemic, it must be INTENTIONAL.

Ron Williams is Vice President for Personal Services Plus, LLC. (www.personalservicesplusllc.com). His latest book is called “Rhythmic Leadership:  The Book That Makes its Readers Better Leaders. He is also known as the #leadershipwhisperer.

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