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Submitted By: James Counts

Long Beach, CA — I am at a complete loss for words. It is my belief that until there is change in the heart, we are will remain stagnant. Regardless of the social, political, and economical changes that may take place, until the heart of mankind shifts, we will not move forward. Only through Christ Jesus will our minds be renewed, and our hearts cleansed.

George Floyd’s murder was done without remorse. By the look of the video, the officer seemed to take great joy and pride in kneeling on his neck. After watching, all I could do was think about the history of my roots and upbringing. I began to remember all the hurt and pain that Black people endured for more than 400 years. It appears after watching this video and the countless other videos of white sworn peace officers taking life from Black people male and female that we are yet still oppressed, and our lives mean nothing to a certain race of people.

I am hopeful that the public outcry is being heard and the racial static between sworn peace officers and the Black community comes to an end. Excessive force needs to be banned everywhere. Implicit bias training is a must. We must demand change. We can no longer be silent. Most importantly, we must exercise our right to vote. I encourage us all to take the voting privilege seriously. Our people fought, bled, and died for us to have a voice in election processes. Let us show them our gratitude by voting in every election.

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