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Fontana Man To Be Sentence for Jan. 6 Crimes Next Month

By Manny Otiko | IVN

A Fontana man could receive the lengthiest sentences for Jan. 6 crimes next month. In February, Daniel Rodriguez pled guilty to four counts for his activities on the day of the Capitol attack. He pled guilty to conspiracy, obstructing an official proceeding, tampering with documents, and inflicting bodily injury on an officer using a dangerous weapon. Rodriguez faces a sentencing hearing on May 16. 

According to an NBC article, his attorneys say that at least three of those counts carry 20-year sentences. However, they expect Rodriguez to be sentenced to 7 to 10 years.  

According to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release, Rodriguez came to the Capitol on Jan. 6 determined to commit violence. He was part of a group called the Patriots 45 MAGA Gang, who came to Washington, D.C. determined to stop the installation of Joe Biden. The group also came equipped with weapons such as stun guns.  

“The group’s activities included collecting weapons and tactical gear to bring to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, storming past barricades to gain unlawful access to the Capitol, and coordinating activities before, during, and after the riot,” said a DOJ press release. “According to court documents, Rodriguez conspired to stop, delay, and hinder Congress’s Certification of the Electoral College Vote as well as to prevent evidence from being used in the investigation of his and his co-conspirators’ activities.” 

During the chaotic events of Jan. 6, Rodriguez engaged in battle with local police officers. And that’s when he had an encounter with Metro police officer Michael Fanone. Rodriguez shocked Fanone multiple times which resulted in him having a heart attack. Fanone said that he almost died during the attack and described the violence as worse than anything he faced while serving in Iraq. 

After Rodriguez returned to California, he bragged about his activities in D.C., in an online chat group. 

“Omg I did so much f—ing s— rn and got away tell you later,” said Rodriguez. “Tazzzzed the f— out of the blue.” 

Fanone suffered serious injuries, including brain damage, during the attack. Like many of the officers who were injured during the insurrection, he has retired from his job. 

Fanone said he was lucky to make it through the attack. 

“Jan. 6, it was brutal and it was incredibly violent. And many officers experienced similar experiences to mine… So, I feel lucky,” said Fanone in a Washington Post interview.  

He has continued to lobby and do interviews demanding accountability for everyone who was involved in the attack on the Capitol.  

Close to 1,000 Americans have been arrested during the post Jan. 6 investigation. 

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