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Feminine Success System Says Black Women Can Have It All

By: Ann Brown

Working women face many challenges: How to balances home and family with wanting to focus on their careers; how to be a boss without taking on traits of men; how to deal with others doubting your abilities. The Feminine Success System with its signature programs aims to help answer some of these questions and offer solutions for successful women of color.

The Feminine Success School was launched in April of 2017 and the Success Circle launched one year later in April of 2018.

“Black women wanted a blueprint to get what seems to come so easy to others–purposeful work, fulfilling relationships, and an opportunity to thrive, rather than just survive. We wanted to know how to ‘have it all’ and keep it all without burning out, becoming hard, or abandoning ourselves. The Feminine Success System teaches the emotional, spiritual, and practical tools for attracting and maintaining a high-quality life with ease and grace,” explains Feminine Success founder and mompreneur Yahya Smith.

Feminine Success School guides women through four modules of development–Personal, Family, Business, and Relationship. The goal of the Feminine Success System is to teach women to use this success for the betterment of our homes, families, and futures. “It is designed to bring you face to face with your personal power, femininity, and guide you through applying your power in every area of your life to foster closer connections, purposeful & profitable work, and greater confidence,” says Smith.

Each of the programs cover different aspects, but work hand-in-hand. “If Feminine Success School is your undergrad studies, The Success Circle is mastery. This mastermind community is a high-level approach to group coaching with a strong focus on learning to embody a powerful wife, building relationship, family, and generational wealth,” offers Smith. “Both communities are designed to help women avoid the pain of difficult relationships and attract the right ones with practical and powerful group accountability around showing up for their full vision for themselves.”

One of the main struggles professional women have is making home time–but, says Smith, this is a must. “It has been studied and proven that family and marriage are the foundation of generational wealth. By teaching the tools to build and sustain healthy relationships with yourself and others, these programs help you to avoid deceptively destructive love and life decisions that would delay or distract a woman from total fulfillment and establish a solid legacy for future generations,” she shares.

According to Smith, with the right tools Black women can be successful on all fronts. “We have so much creativity and brilliance that is just ready to be presented to the world. We are the sum total of those who have gone before us. Historically, the Black woman has been the most suppressed by society, now that we are tasting freedom and opportunity we are taking full advantage. The goal of the Feminine Success System is to teach women to use this success for the betterment of our homes, families, and futures,” explains Smith.

Smith says she finds there are common mistakes women tend to make, including “fear, self-doubt, and waiting for permission or approval,” she points out and adds, “Quitting too soon is another mistake. Instead, be diligent and keep tweaking. Stop looking for the proof in the process, the proof is in the final product and you won’t get to it if you quit before the finish.”

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