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Distance-Learning: What You Need to Succeed at Home

Statepoint — Is your family distance-learning? Having the resources, you need at home can be the key to success. Here are a few tools to consider as you navigate an unusual school year:

• A Library Card: If students lack access to the school’s physical library, your public library can be an invaluable fount of information to turn to this school year. While it is true that some library systems have limited their print materials available for checkout, keep in mind that many offer a rich collection of electronic resources, which can be checked out instantaneously from the safety of home.

• Math Tools: Math class can be an especially challenging subject for students to tackle in the remote learning context. Luckily, online tools exist which can help. Check out ClassPad.net, a free web-based platform featuring tools for calculation, graphing, geometry, statistics and more. Its interactive menu enables students and educators to draw geometry figures freehand and input calculations as they would on scratch paper. Users can also plot data points, as well as add text labels, expressions, and pictures to graphs or geometry diagrams. However, for those who prefer a physical graphing calculator, look for a tool that can handle coursework now and in the future. For example, the fx-9750GIII from Casio contains all the features needed to make remote coursework easy to follow.

Finally, students of all grade levels, from kindergarten through college, can learn new mathematical techniques and supplement their studies using free downloadable activities created by teachers. To access these resources, visit casioeducation.com.

• A Dedicated Workspace: While desks used for remote learning may double function as a place for free time journaling and personal projects, drawing a clear mental separation between the school day and personal life is important. Students can make a few visual swaps to signal when class is in session and it is time to focus on schoolwork. These swaps may include using a particular setting on the desk lamp, clearing away personal objects, or tacking up school-related paperwork to a corkboard during the day.

• A Hotspot: If you have multiple people learning and working from home, it does not hurt to have a mobile hotspot on hand in case of Internet outages or other connection snafus. This can help ensure students do not miss a remote class session or lose their connection when it is most needed.

• Smart Planners: Free apps can help students organize their coursework, so they never forget an assignment or quiz, as well as offer the tools needed for better time management. Unlike traditional paper planners or calendars, a smart digital planner actually learns the habits of the student in order to tailor push notifications and alerts.

As your family once again falls into the groove of distance-learning, a few tools and considerations can help expand everyone’s ability to work from home.

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