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Coronavirus Forces Beauty Store Owner to Get Creative with Marketing

By: Manny Otiko, IVN Staff Writer

The coronavirus has brought the country to the brink of a recession, but for entrepreneur Mylene Moreira it has forced her to ramp up her cosmetics business. She sells cruelty-free lashes (lashes made without animal experimentation) and is looking to expand into cosmetic glitter and liquid lipstick. 

Moreira, who lives in Downey, used to work in insurance and used the proceeds of that to fund her cosmetics business, Ivette Beauty. After she was laid off, she turned her full attention to the cosmetics business. 

The cosmetics business launched on Valentine’s Day, but the nation began to see the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic in March. 

“It (the coronavirus pandemic) really started a month after I opened my business,” she said. 

Moreira, who has a degree in creative writing, said she was inspired to start her own business by her parents. Her dad has owned several small businesses and her mother also worked for herself. Moreira said that her parents’ example taught her that being a business owner allows you to create your own schedule and spend more time with your family. 

“Time management is a big deal,” she said. “I manage my own schedule and get to spend time with my family.”

Ivette Beauty is currently an online store. Moreira markets her products through her Instagram page and also through Instagram ads. 

She says the coronavirus has impacted her business because shipping has been delayed. Also, since many people have been laid off, spending habits have changed. Moreira has noticed about a 50 percent drop in sales.  

However, according to a CNN article, there is still a big demand for beauty products. People seem to be ordering more products while they are home.

“Consumption of skincare and haircare products, in particular hair dye, has been resilient because women can’t go to hairdressers during lockdowns, (L’Oreal chairman and CEO) Jean-Paul Agon said. ‘What we are seeing everywhere right now, is that where salons are closed, sales in hair color are up 50 percent,’” said CNN.

Also, using social media to reach out to customers is a huge marketing tool. Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian reality show clan has built a billion-dollar makeup business. She has 174 million followers on Instagram. 

According to Reuters, working at home and Zoom meetings still mean that women need to look good, at least from the shoulders up. The beauty industry has now shifted its focus to reaching customers on social media. 

“Marketing from brands such as L’Oreal-owned Maybelline and Revlon Inc. on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube now feature products suited for date nights over FaceTime, work-related video conference calls and Zoom happy hours,” said Reuters. 

Still the coronavirus has slowed down the economy.

“I really think people are going to be more careful with how they spend their money,” said Moreira.

She also said it has affected the way she’s marketed her business. Currently, because of physical distancing, she’s restricted to marketing online. But when that ends, she’d like to start marketing her business at beauty expos. 

“When it goes back to normal, I want to go back to the expos and meet people face-to-face,” said Moreira.

She has also helped clients by offering them discounts and free shipping. 

For more information about Moreira’s business go to www.ivettebeauty.com or @shopivettebeauty on Instagram. 

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