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Clear Your Desktop

Upland, CA

Technology is not my lane. I always struggle with putting things in the right place on my computer. My former
assistant would always tell me I need to set up folders to file things away and not have so many things saved on
my desktop. I like having things where I can easily see them, but what I have learned is when I do not set up
folders and file documents in their proper place, I get a crowded desktop. When my desktop is overloaded, it
becomes difficult for me to really see things as clearly as I need to. I must make room for what really needs my
attention. Everything does not belong on the surface to be seen as soon as you turn on your computer.

Just like with our computers, it is important for us to learn to file some things and some people in their proper
place. We cannot keep everything on our active desktop or in the front of our life or else we will become
overloaded and overwhelmed. We must make room to preserve our own sanity otherwise we will end up filing
ourselves away and may accidently delete our own file. If we stop and look at our lives, there is probably a lot
we need to clear out to put our focus in the right place. I have taken time this summer to take inventory of my
personal and professional desktop to see what needs to be cleared or filed in their proper place. I urge you to do
the same.

Your life (and computer) may be so packed and crowded that you may not even know what needs to be filed
and what should stay in the forefront. My recommendation is start with what is taking up the most space in
your life, but really does not add value to what you are trying to accomplish. What are you holding on to that
needs to be discarded or put in a file for another day so you can make room for what really is important. We can
get caught up with the busyness of life and not take care of the business at hand. Oftentimes we gravitate to
what we think is easy or what we can finish quickly, but it may not be what advances our goals and objectives.

I am a list person and sometimes I like the joy of crossing things off, I can get so caught up with taking care of
the trivial things that may not matter and by the end of the day, I may fail to focus on the items that will really
advance me forward. I often get caught up with helping others and I do not even do the things that are best for
Wendy. I have had to learn, sometimes even the hard way, to not file my own self away at the price of pleasing
others. Stop making yourself the last priority on your list. When we can do the things, we need to do for
ourselves, it prepares us and allows us to be better situated to help others without sabotaging our own goals.

So, clear your desktop of all the things that just clog up the path of getting you where you need to go and doing
the things you need to do. Stop majoring in the minors and start focusing on what is important. Your dreams
can actually become goals that will materialize before your very eyes. Do not let yourself be marginalized and
get your leftovers. Show up for what you know is really important for you and then you will be able to sow into
others with a full cup.

Healing Without Hate: It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on.

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