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(BPRW) 7 Ways to Have A Better Work Week

By: Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman, Black PR Wire

Work can be fun, but not always. Some of us work in a place that may not fit our personality and sometimes we have so many tasks to complete that we feel overwhelmed. Maybe you’re that person who doesn’t like their job at all and you’re there just to be able to pay your bills and take care of your family. Whatever your situation, work can mean stress.

It’s how you deal with that stress that determines whether you’re surviving or thriving at work and in life.

Here are our 7 tips to have a better work week!

1. Make An Attitude Adjustment

From the very beginning, adjust your attitude. Let go of last week’s drama, it’s not going to serve you any purpose. It’s not going to help you. It’s not going to help your co-workers. Just let go of last week’s mishaps. Walk in the door with a fresh and positive attitude.

There’s nothing worse than walking through the doors of work and exuding a poor attitude. Whether you realize it or not, your attitude affects your colleagues just as much as it affects you. Set yourself up for success, go in with a fresh attitude.

2. Plan And Prepare

The second thing is to plan and prepare your meals, especially breakfast. Many of us have families and a great deal of our time goes toward getting them together. Mornings can get hectic and it becomes easy to skip breakfast.

It’s very important to start the day by nourishing our bodies. You don’t want to have that mid-morning crash. You don’t want to go hungry and cranky. So just prepare the evening before so you have something to grab and go.

3. Breathe

If your day starts to get hectic and stressful, just take the time, take 30 seconds, take one minute just to calm things down and just do some deep breathing. That will help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your rest nervous system, and it can calm it down. I’m telling you, just breathing can help a lot.

4. Make Your Bed

Yes, make your bed. What do I mean by that? You want to start your day off with a great intention. You want to be able to say, “I’ve accomplished one good thing today.” By making your bed, you accomplish something that’s beneficial to you.

When you look at a clean bed, you feel refreshed, you feel good, and you’re sure to have a pep in your step. Even if you’re day wasn’t the best, when you finally make it back home at least your bedroom is nice and neat! That’s an indescribable feeling.

5. Get Restful Sleep

We must be intentional about getting enough sleep. Making it through each day isn’t as easy without the right amount of rest. Without it, we go into work feeling tired, fatigued, and grumpy. This leads to poor work performance. We aren’t as productive and are easily distracted.

6. Apologize, Forgive, Keep It Moving

We’re all human. We make mistakes. If you make a mistake, apologize for it. If someone apologizes to you, forgive them. From there, just keep it moving. It doesn’t help to hold onto grudges. It doesn’t serve anyone in any situation, and after all, there are bigger fish to fry. There are other things that will come up. So why add to it? Why add to the drama?

7. Laugh!

The final thing is…and I’ll say it a million times…LAUGH!  Laugh at yourself. Laugh at a funny situation that happened. Never at the expense of someone else but find something to laugh about. Keep it light. Keep the mood happy. Tell a corny joke. I’m a big fan of corny jokes. Just laugh.

About the Writer

Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman is a Board-Certified Family Practice Physician. She is also known as America’s Relaxation Doctor. Dr. Deitrick is a #1 Best Selling author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur.

It is her passion to help people in the work setting, who find themselves stressed out, frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed, to better manage those stressors; not only to survive but to thrive!  She educates that the inevitable workplace stressors can be better managed, finding yourself happier, healthier and more productive.

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