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Annie Washington Earns Top Award-Winning Honor at ‘Best in the West Food Expo’

By IVN Staff Writer
Upland, CA  Have you ever tasted something so good that it reminded you of your childhood or a savory taste that would never escape your mind? Well, that’s how it is with Annie Bell’s Tea Cakes. Most people from the southern parts of United States know exactly what they are, others from the west coast, some may know if they migrated to the west coast, but most think of them as just plain old-fashioned cookies. But they are more than just that, they are a true experience to be had. 

The owner and operator of “Annie Bell’s Tea Cakes”, Annie D. Washington recently earned top award-winning honors in the desserts & treats categories at ‘The Best in the West Food Expo” held in Arizona. With so many people in attendance at the Expo and entering the category, Annie knew the competition would be fierce. The Tea Cakes recipe she has been baking, has been passed on from generation to generation in her family, the Mack & Plummer families, all originating from Texas.

As long as Annie could remember, Tea Cakes, have always been a part of her life. As the youngest of her parents’ children, they had the Tea Cakes only for Christmas which made it more special. They all had their own Christmas stockings filled with goodies and treats. As the years went by and life happened, everyone had gotten older, other family members tried to make them, but it wasn’t the same, the Tea Cakes recipe was put to the side…. But to be picked back up later by one of the Plummer daughters. Her sister, Gloria Dixon and she, made them together for many years until the passing of Gloria. Annie decided that she wants the legacy and tradition of “Annie Bell’s Tea Cakes” to continue, so she has taught her daughters and nieces how to make them. And what a wonderful legacy to leave for generations to come.

“It seems like nowadays the younger generations are cooking meals straight from microwave to the table. When I was growing up, I would love to see my mother, Annie (Annie, who I am named after) in the kitchen cooking for her family. And no, there were no microwaves or short cuts to cooking, it was all done by scratch, by hand and most certainly with LOVE,” Annie states.

The pride and joy that Annie felt that the Tea Cakes that were entered into the Food Expo competition and won, were made from a recipe that was passed down to her from several generations, and she has passed to her children, brought tears to her eyes. 

With the world going in the fast pace and direction it is, the children, youth, and young adults of today, need to learn about their history and heritage before their older generation is gone. The same goes for the elders and older generations, they need to teach the younger families about the traditions, recipes and heritage that were passed on to them down the line. 

“When we were small children our mother made the best cookies for the family, which she called “Tea Cakes.” We never forgot the taste and thankfully our sister, Annie, remembered the recipe. Today’s Annie Bell Tea Cakes are made from our mother’s original recipe, and you will find that eating one is not enough. The Tea Cakes are made with love and natural ingredients. They are guaranteed not to disappoint in taste and will leave you wanting more,” Acie P.

With the orders, questions and inquiries coming in, Annie has stretched out her faith in the Lord and not just provide Annie Bell’s Tea Cakes for the holidays, but all year round. They come in an assortment of varieties, throughout the year and for special occasions, such as luncheons, Women’s Fellowships, Women’s Tea’s and church anniversaries and Grand Opening events. They are even sold as birthday gifts, as wedding favors, or special occasion events, whatever you have them in mind for. Or simply just because you want to try them for yourself. 

Clydia C. writes, “Thank you for your wonderful baked Tea Cakes! They remind me of my dear grandmother. Such sweet memories.”

“I love the whole variety of Tea Cakes that are available. It’s just the right amount of sweetness with your morning coffee, tea, or glass of milk,” says Janet A.

Annie Bell’s Tea Cakes is that ‘Southern Taste of Comfort’ that brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. We would be glad to take your order or answer any questions. For more information email Annie at anniebellsteacakes@gmail.com 

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