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5 Ways to Become a More Effective Entrepreneur

By: Levar Haffoney, TNJ

Building a business takes a lot of energy. When we first start, our thoughts are filled with excitement and possibility.

We take on many responsibilities to drive ourselves forward and make our vision a reality.

If we aren’t careful, this can come at a cost. Many of us end up sacrificing our health and interpersonal relationships.

If you are thinking of starting a business, or you’re an existing business owner, take time to assess your needs and wants, personally and professionally.

Here are 4 ways to become a more effective entrepreneur:

Plan to Succeed

We’ve all heard the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is true in business and in life.

The first step is to develop a plan.

Write down your goals and the dates that you would like to complete them by.

Next, write a series of milestones under each goal. These milestones are the activities that you will engage in to reach each goal.

You’ll find that it’s easier and more effective to focus on the activity in front of you than on the ultimate goal.

As you build momentum and achieve your goals, you’ll develop more confidence.

Increased confidence is essential taking calculated risks to grow your business.

And becoming an effective entrepreneur.

Health is Wealth

As Ralph Waldo Emerson so famously stated, “the first wealth is health.”

Developing a healthier lifestyle is crucial to becoming an effective entrepreneur. Apps like Fooducate can help you plan your fitness goals.

Start by drinking more water. Water keeps you hydrated and improves digestion.

You also want to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. They’re packed with nutrients that will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed.

If you eat meat, switch to leaner cuts and reduce your consumption of caffeine, sugar, and processed foods.

It’s important that you stay active. Starting an exercise routine, for 20 minutes a day, can lead to a variety of benefits. This can include walking, swimming, or weight training.

A more active lifestyle leads to better cognition, more energy, reduced stress, and a higher quality of life.

Never Stop Learning

While you’re building your business, you’ll acquire new skills as you grow.

To stay sharp, you need to keep learning. It can be challenging to set aside time to continue your education, but there are unique ways to achieve results.

If you have a library card, I recommend using Overdrive. This app allows you to check out and listen to audiobooks from your mobile device.

It is a must-have for any aspiring or active business owner.

There are also a variety of nontraditional online courses, including MOOC, or Massively Open Online Courses, which offer low-cost alternatives to increasingly expensive college programs.

Taking control of your continuing education will keep you engaged in the learning process and lead to new and interesting experiences.

Network, Network, Network

Business is about relationships.

As entrepreneurs, you should always be developing and nurturing relationships with prospects, customers, vendors, and centers of influence.

Take time out to attend conferences, after-work mixers, speaking engagements, and charitable events.

Join a local Meetup group or visit Eventbrite to find out what’s going on in your area.

Connecting with other professionals inside and outside of your industry will help you expand your reach and lead to new opportunities.

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