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5 COVID-Safe Activities to Enjoy Right Now

Statepoint — With the start of 2021 behind us, it’s time to start fresh, create new habits and take on new skills. Whether your goal is to get outdoors more to enjoy the fresh air or to learn a new instrument, develop a plan to start enjoying some COVID-safe activities. Here are a few tips to get going:

1. “Travel” the World: You don’t actually need to hop on a plane to get away. Simply pick a different country to immerse yourself in each week. Many streaming services offer a range of foreign films and television shows to try. Make a night of it by cooking the national dish. You can also read a little about the country’s history and follow its current events. This is a great way to learn about the world and perhaps plan for future travel at the same time.

2. Get outdoors: Having the right tools for trekking is key to keeping it enjoyable. Synonymous with the outdoors, Casio’s PRO TREK PRTB50 series is a great outdoor companion for COVID-safe activities, including hiking, climbing and trekking. Offering Bluetooth capabilities that enable data communication with a smartphone running the PRO TREK Connected app, this timepiece’s features include route log, location indicator, calories burned, automatic altitude and time adjustment and more. Its Quad Sensor compactly features a compass, altitude/barometer, takes temperature measurements and tracks steps.

3. Hone skills: Whether looking to build practical skills for a burgeoning career or side gig, or you simply love acquiring knowledge, learning platforms such as Skillshare can bring you high-quality instruction in the safety and comfort of your own home.

4. Learn a musical instrument: Learning a musical instrument can be a good pastime to enjoy at home, and the CDP-S series of digital pianos make taking on a new skill easy with their lightweight, portable design. The CDP-S150 and CDP-S350 models are designed for musicians of varying skill levels and both are compatible with Casio’s free Chordana Play for piano app, through which you can easily customize your piano to suit your needs, as well as improve or learn your favorite songs. Featuring 88 keys with a simulated ebony and ivory texture, as well as touch key sensitivity, musicians can enjoy a realistic piano sound and feel. Both models also have a class-compliant USB port that works with any Mac/PC/Android/iOS device with no drivers needed, and can be powered by six AA batteries.

5. Stay active: Staying active is easier with a good training partner. Check out Casio’s G-SHOCK Women step tracker lineup. The GMDB800 series boasts health and fitness support functions to help users track their run and enhance workouts. This model features Bluetooth connectivity via the G-SHOCK Connected App, allowing users to access useful data, including step count logs, calories burned, exercise intensity levels and daily, weekly and monthly activity achievements, graphs and more. In addition, the timepieces are shock-resistant, water-resistant up to 200 meters, and feature an Auto Double LED Light.

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to restrict activities, it’s all about finding fresh ways to stay busy, active and engaged.

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