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18-Year-Old Black Student From Chicago Accepted into 6 Ivy League Colleges

As seen on google Payton Pitts, accepted into six Ivey-League colleges

Chicago, IL —  Payton Pitts, an 18-year-old student from Chicago, Illinois, has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing acceptances from all six Ivy League colleges. Among the prestigious choices, he decided to attend Harvard, where he is now part of the basketball team.

“It was a weight off my shoulders,” Pitts said about the seeing the results, according to ABC7 Chicago.

Pitts, who went to Francis Parker School, applied to 6 Ivy League colleges — Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Penn, Columbia and Cornell — and was accepted to all. He also received acceptance letters from several other prestigious universities such as Stanford, Morehouse College, and more.

During high school, Pitts had already shown outstanding capabilities. Aside from his straight-A academic record, he is also talented in playing the violin and basketball. He even took the lead in revitalizing the school’s Black Student Union, fostering camaraderie among Black students in the predominantly white school.

His mother, Adrienne Pitts, was proud of her son and acknowledged all his efforts. She said, “This is all going to be a little embarrassing for him, but he’s earned this with all his hard work and dedication.”

Moreover, Pitts chose to continue his journey to more success in Harvard where he is a student-athlete playing in the school’s basketball team.

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