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1 in 3 Black Women Find it Challenging to Navigate a Career in Mainstream Media

BPRW — Notedd’s Black Women in Media Survey sheds light on the career development of media professionals initiating the “I Stand with Black Women in Media” pledge

Notedd, a digital media startup committed to bringing Black women to the forefront of mainstream media surveyed media professionals across politics, technology, health, entertainment, and culture. Through a survey conducted in January 2022, 35% of Black women mentioned that it is difficult to secure stable work within the mainstream media industry. Through a digital pledge campaign, Notedd is challenging mainstream media companies to prioritize Black women’s voices through increased pay, full-time roles, and authentic storytelling beyond tentpole holidays.

With the increased call of representation throughout media, Notedd surveyed entry-level and veteran journalists, media producers, freelancers, and communications executives on their experience navigating the media industry as a woman of color. Respondents of the survey noted challenges faced in navigating their career included upward mobility, navigating microaggressions and stereotypes, mentorship, and earning proper compensation. It was shared that the respondents find it a personal priority to fill a void in media by producing stories that are accessible and relatable to audiences of varied educational levels, socioeconomic backgrounds, and social interests.

“Since the social and racial reckoning following George Floyd’s death, consumer goods and media organizations have prioritized amplifying Black voices but have only done so during select moments like Black History Month and Juneteenth. Notedd is challenging corporations and media organizations to amplify Black stories beyond tentpole holidays and incorporate our voices into mainstream media throughout the year”, says Lauren Strayhorn, Founder and Editor in Chief of Notedd.

As the Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2019 reports that men still dominate every part of the news, entertainment, and digital media industries it is evident that the odds are already stacked against the perspective of Black women media professionals. 

Notedd has launched the “I Stand With Black Women In Media” pledge asking media organizations to commit to uplift and support Black women in media by producing stories that center Black women perspectives and reallocate advertising dollars to unsung Black businesses for marketing and media initiatives throughout the calendar year.

Notedd has developed a social media toolkit for media organizations, corporations, and advocates to pledge their support in amplifying Black voices. To read the full report, visit Notedd.com.

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