A Mother’s Song

4/20/2017, midnight
Mother, born to Edward and Amelia Beck, (a woman whose heart was filled with the love of Jesus) in Red ...

Mother loves all her children despite the paths we decided to take in life. Dorothy Nash, of Pomona, Ca retired, held a variety of positions in Health Care, certified Phlebotomist and Tireless Civil Rights Activist. She also contributed to the passing of the Voter’s Rights Act of 1965. Hattie Higgins-Greene of Alexandria, VA, Human Resources Manager and MBA. Ernestyne Higgins-Matthews, of Upper Marlboro, MD, retired Network Services Administrator and Middle School Teacher. Sally Higgins of Washington, D.C., Attorney at Law, Daniel Higgins Jr. of Greenwood, MS, retired Purchasing Agent/Sun Office Supplies, Bancroft Truck Driver, and Shipping Manager/ The Print Shop. Samuel Higgins also of Greenwood, MS, retired, First String Running Back/ASU, Mentor’s Coordinator/Clark Atlanta, asst. Registrar/ASU, Dir. Of Housing/Mary Holmes College, and Farm Coordinator/MVSU. Watson Higgins Jr. deceased and resting in the arms of the almighty God. Watson was a talented artist, Auto Mechanic, and also a Graphic Designer.

We the children of Beatrice Higgins want to publicly thank her for being a strong example of a single parent. She passed her faith on and her trust in God to all her children. She made certain all her children attended church and Sunday school week after week. Mother is the true definition of a prayer warrior and we her children thank God for her diligence in seeking him through prayer. The LORD heard her prayers and has redeemed our souls from the stain of sin and has filled us with his Holy Spirit. Someday He shall present us before Christ without wrinkle or blemish and we will receive our glorified bodies. We thank God for a praying mother.