Students: Get An Edge On College Prep Tests

The college application process and the college prep testing that goes along with it can be overwhelming for students and families. Tests such as the SAT and ACT are an important element of the application process, and therefore a source ...

Here Are A Few Smart Ideas for Supporting Your Child’s Education In 2017 And Beyond

The education children receive today will help them throughout their lives. School is the fundamental component of the learning process, but education doesn't stop when kids arrive back home at the end of the day.

Good Teachers: Students’ Greatest Resource Remains Scarce

The role of teachers in children’s lives cannot be understated. Beyond children’s parents, their teacher is often the primary adult influencer in their life. Yet, this essential role faces difficult setbacks as schools and districts across the country are tasked ...

IVN Co-Publisher’s Pen

My heart has been grieved since hearing of the 8-year-old who committed suicide as a result of being bullied in school. Bullying, though having always been an issue in school has really taken on new heights since the introduction of ...

14-Year Old Releases Her Third Book — Aims to Inspire Other Youth to Read, & Be Successful in School, Life & Business

8th Grade Middle School Chronicles: The Year That Changed Everything… is written by teen author, Essynce Moore.

WesternU College of Podiatric Medicine Founding Dean Lawrence Harkless to Retire

Western University of Health Sciences College of Podiatric Medicine Founding Dean Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM, FACFAS, MAPWCA, will retire on June 30, 2017.

Healthier Kids, Healthier Communities: Here Are Four Ways You Can Get Involved

It's no secret that experiences in early and middle childhood are extremely important for a child's healthy development and lifelong learning. Yet schools - the places where kids spend the majority of their time outside of the home during the ...

Author of New Book ‘Book of Black Heroes’ Discusses its Relevance

Books have the power to change a young reader's life. Books can inspire young people to achieve their goals and reach new heights. That's what author Gil L. Robertson is hoping his new book, Book of Black Heroes: Political Leaders ...

Black Students at University of California, Santa Cruz Take Over Administration Building for 3 days Until Demands Are Met

Black students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, believed that a “hostile climate” was being fostered against them on the school’s campus, so last week they took over an administrative building for three days until the university agreed to ...

Miles College Welcomed Donna Brazile as Speaker For Commencement

Veteran Democratic political strategist and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile will be the speaker for this year’s Miles College Commencement ceremony, which was held this past weekend at the Boutwell Auditorium.

HBCU Collective Creates HBCU National Day of Action on Capitol Hill to Advocate for HBCUs

In response to growing concerns that the new Administration will fall short of promises made to maintain and expand the success of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, HBCU Collective, a group of students and friends of HBCUs who work in ...

Florida Memorial University to Credit Trayvon Martin Despite His Death

Although it won’t heal, it will make a difference. When George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman took the 17-year-old’s life (Trayvon Martin)—he also took away the brighter future ahead of this teenager.

IVN Co-Publisher’s Pen

Graham Brown said, “Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. In essence what he was saying was that our lives and who we have become are a sum total of the ...

TNJ: Are You Cosigning Your Kids’ or Grandkids’ Student Loans? Think Twice

Though the biggest debt for older consumers remains home mortgages, student-loan debt is becoming more common.

The Root: Ne-Yo Invests $2,300,000 Into Coding School

R&B singer and producer Ne-Yo is stepping into the tech space and has invested $2.3 million into the Holberton School for full-stack engineers. Ne-Yo hopes to help people from underrepresented groups learn to code.