Proposed Tax on Services Could Hurt Small Business Owners

A proposed state bill designed to restructure California’s tax system could end up hurting small businesses. Senate Bill 640, which was introduced by State Sen. Robert M. Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles,) would raise taxes on services such as haircuts, and beauty ...

Here Are Some Tried And True Methods For Building Wealth

If you are a financial novice working hard to try and expand your wealth, it can sometimes seem like you’re in a tug of war when it comes to choosing how you go about this. Maybe the experts in your ...

Author Courtney R. Rhodes Releases New How-to-Guide for Making Your Mark Through “On-Purpose” Living

Courtney R. Rhodes’ new how-to guide will help you seize control of your life, accomplish your lifelong dreams, and make new career goals through the power of personal marketing and establishing your brand

Here Are Some of the Best ‘Gig Economy’ Side Jobs for 2017

In the past, holding a permanent, full-time job was the main way to earn a living. But the times are changing. If you’re craving increased career flexibility, you’re in luck; the “gig economy” is on the rise.

Kiplinger: Time-Tested Tactics to Build Your Wealth

Here, we offer advice on how to build, protect and enhance your wealth, time-tested strategies to help you keep your eye on the ball, and our top tips for finding value, so your hard-won wealth doesn't leak out in dribs ...

6 Reasons You May Need More Than a Robo-Adviser

The new trend in the financial advice business is the rise of the so-called robo-adviser. These are online investing platforms that use computer-generated algorithms (programs, apps, etc.) to create financial strategies and manage your money.

How To Purchase A Home Using Your IRA

In a recent Q&A article from The Network Journal, the question came up of a husband and wife looking to help their son make a down payment on his first home. To do this, they were pondering tapping into their ...

JPMorgan Chase To Put Over $1 Million Dollars Into Housing In Detroit

Detroit has a history of bad press as one of the U.S.’s most financially struggling major cities, but a $1.35 million renovation for Detroit housing will hopefully be the start of a new tide for the area. Black Enterprise reports ...

Making Smart Uses of Your Tax Refund This Year

A tax refund or other financial windfall makes for a great feeling when you get it, but sometimes, you may find yourself blindsided down the line by the fact that you have little to show for your good fortune. Financial ...

13-Year Old Entrepreneur Making $100K a Year Doing This — And She’s Training Others Girls Too

Being a successful entrepreneur is not dependent on age, as shown by this 13-year-old from Detroit, Michigan. Her name is Asia Newson, and she is known locally and nationally as "Super Business Girl." It's the perfect name for a determined ...

Here Are Four Keys to Smart Financial Planning

The world of finance always has been a busy, noisy place -- and right now it's bordering on cacophony.

Lawmakers Urge Low-Income Households to Take Advantage of CA Earned Income Tax Credit

Tax preparers from the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program filed the returns of at least 70 low- and middle-income families and individuals for free on Saturday, February 18 at San Bernardino Valley College. The filing drive was hosted by ...

Blacktech Week Launches Startup Challenge For Black Entrepreneurs

BlackTech Week & Arch Grants team up to help black entrepreneurs gain access to funding.

Here Are A Few Tech Goals to Save Money And Make Life Easier

These days, the average consumer needs to budget for a variety of tech-related expenses -- from data plans to cable bills. These monthly expenses quickly add up.

Learn To Be Financially Strong In 2017

In the new year, there are many different areas where you may want to improve, financial planning included. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just thinking that “I’ll put some money into this investment here, and some money ...