Big Advice For The Smallest Businesses

While large enterprises may make the most headlines, it’s often the country’s smallest businesses that are providing jobs, fueling innovation and growing the economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 62 percent of all U.S. businesses are microbusinesses, or ...

Here Are 8 Fastest Growing Companies with Black Entrepreneurs

African-American businessmen are continuing to make waves in the world of entrepreneurship. These black businessmen know what it takes to make it to the top. Here are the leading companies with black entrepreneurs.

Hilda Kennedy, AmPac President, Wins Minority Business Champion of the Year

The Los Angeles District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration recognized twelve exceptional members of the region's small business community at the 2017 Small Business Awards Ceremony, held Wednesday, May 17th at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City.

Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance Growth Using Debt

Many entrepreneurs concentrate great effort on increasing sales, and they should. Yet, what if sales are not enough? Debt, when used properly, can be a powerful vehicle for realizing your business vision. Raising equity, or outside capital, is another way. ...

Why Millennial Women Need To Think About Retirement Savings And Where They Can Star

Saying that saving for retirement when young is a good idea is not gendered specific advice, which may make may the name of this article a bit confusing. However, the need to start saving early is especially pertinent for millennial ...

Black-Owned Business Awarded Contract to Replace Contaminated Water Lines in Flint

For entrepreneur and former NBA star, Jeff Grayer, the adage of giving back to the community took on a new meaning last year, when his community---the city of Flint, MI, was declared a state of emergency

CEO: Power Through Racism, Don’t Let Anyone Deny Your Dream

Growing up, Miles Wilson, 43, remembers waking up at in the middle of night in the small rowhouse he shared with his single mother and two siblings.

This Black Lives Matter Activist-Turned-Politician, Khalid Kamau, Thinks We Can Learn Something From the GOP

In Front Lines, Fusion speaks to activists leading the charge in all kinds of ways. Khalid Kamau, an Atlanta native, is one of a number of activists making the transition from street protest to political office: When he was sworn ...

Scalese: Here are Six Steps to Spring Clean Your Financial House

It has been a long winter, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is spring cleaning; however, an annual deep clean of your house is a chance to start fresh, get organized and get back on track.

What Are the Odds the IRS Will Audit Your Tax Return?

President Trump's tax returns are back in the news. His steadfast decision not to release the returns to the public raises the hackles of those who'd like to know just how the "massive tax cut" he has proposed would affect ...

America’s Last Black- Owned Banks Are Fighting To Survive

The first bank organizes and operated by black Americans; Capital Savings Banks was founded on October the 17th, 1888 in Washington DC. This was at a time when the mere notion of offering financial services to the African American community ...

Zurich:How to Come to Grips With the Change in Our Geopolitical Landscape

In a new uncertain global political world, businesses and governments have something in common. For years, governments have been producing detailed reports which look at various geopolitical power centers and their long-range dynamics.

Fund Managers Steering Clear Of United States Stocks

A recent article from Marketwatch says that strategists are describing the latest moves from fund managers in one simple phrase: “Uncle Scram.” This comes on the heels of revelations that allocations to U.S. stocks have fallen to their lowest levels ...

Reducing Credit Card Fees Can Be Simple if You Ask

Getting your credit card company to treat you better may be easier than you think. Nearly 90 percent of consumers who asked their card issuer to reverse a late fee were successful, according to a report by the credit card ...

Loan Activity from 401(k) Plans Are Rising

The temptation to take loans from a company 401(k) retirement savings plan is apparently too hard to resist for some people even after they’ve been warned of how dipping into that account can knock their retirement plans off track.