Ten-to-Win with Kimberly Morrow: 10 “Life-Hacks” to Help You Become A Whole Lot More Productive

Kimberly Anthony | 5/17/2017, noon

Kim Anthony

Kim Anthony

With our 24-hour uber-busy lifestyles, today's society is quite possibly experiencing its most "distracted" time in history. In this week's Ten-to-Win," Kim shares 10 "Life-Hacks" to Help You Become a Whole Lot More Productive. Start using a few of them today and watch your stress decrease as your productivity go through the roof. Enjoy!

  1. Focus Daily on Your Three Most Important Tasks. One of the most important things to realize about being productive is that all tasks on our plates are not of equal importance. Spend a moment to list our tasks and then assigning a number next to each one according to their level of importance and we're likely to find many tasks that we should not only not invest valuable time on, they take away from the important tasks that DO deserve your time.

  2. Try the "Pomodoro Technique."Pick one task you’re going to focus on without distraction and without stopping for 25 minutes straight. The key to the technique is to use a timer. Once the timer rings after 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break before launching into another 25-minute session of a task.

  3. Block Distractions. The constant "pings" of unimportant emails or social media posts, can be the number one killer of productivity. When you have tasks that you need to focus on, you need a quick and easy way to eliminate distractions so that your productivity doesn’t suffer.

  4. Track Your Time. Ever considered how you use the precious amount of time you have available each day? If you’re not tracking how you typically use your time each day, you should because you’ll probably discover a few things that are simply stealing your time.

  5. Show Up Early. If you have a job that you have to be at anyway, why not show up a few minutes early and use the time to chip away at some of your important tasks. Showing up early puts you where you need to be when the time for work comes, but it’s also a convenient way to open up productivity time, because even a small amount of time can help you to be more productive if you use it wisely and remain focused.

  6. Practice the Two Minute Rule. This small simple hack has been suggested by David Allen, the author of the highly popular book about productivity Getting Things Done. When you know you can perform a task in two minutes or less, you should do it immediately.

  7. Automate What You Can. Many people have discovered the web automation service IFTTT (If This Then That) to automate some of the tasks they go through each day. IFTTT uses “recipes” to set triggers and the results that follow those triggers.

  8. Write it Down. One of the most simple hacks you can begin practicing today is to write things down. In fact, it’s one of the key factors that Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, attributes to his personal and professional success.

  9. Learn to Say No. (This should me MY number one!) One of the most powerful things you can ever do is to learn the fine art of saying no. If a task doesn’t help you to be productive and reach your personal or professional goals, why put it on your list?

  10. Take Time to Recharge. Don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. When you work yourself late into the night trying to get tasks completed, you only rob yourself of the ability to give the next day’s tasks your peak performance because you’re not properly rested.

Kimberly Morrow is living her life's mission of helping others fulfill theirs. She has turned her passion for empowering mission-driven entrepreneurs into a thriving training and coaching firm that is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in creating positive change in their communities. For more information, visit her on online at www.UrbanPhilanthropy.org or call 310-773-6140 or 909-949-3099.