The National Sports Beat with Brad Pye Jr.

Brad Pye Jr. | 5/11/2017, midnight

Los Angeles, CA--Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.

GSW’s head coach Jeff Kerr has an assistant, Mike Brown, who has kept up his winning ways. The Warriors took a perfect 4-0 report card into the second round of the playoffs vs. the Utah Jazz. As this is being written the Warriors got off to a 106-94 start vs. the Utah Jazz.

The Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas’ sister Chyna would have turned 23 on the day he scored 53 points against the Washington Wizards, the second highest total in playoff history, to lead the series at 1-0 report card.

Isaiah led the Celtics to a 129-119 victory in the second round of this historic contest.

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Did you see what he did when the Dodgers traded him to the Boston Red Sox in 2004? Roberts said he broke down in tears. I bet Jackie Robinson, MLB’s integrator would have broken down in tears too when Roberts was named the Dodgers first African manager. By the way, Roberts stole a base in the fourth game in the AL Championship series to help the Red Sox end an 86-year drought. Roberts praised Boston star Adams Jones for the professional way Jones handled those bigots threw peanuts at him and shouted out racial epithets at him at a recent game.

Will the L.A. Clippers trio of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan be around next season to carry the locals to that elusive Championship?

A girl! Yes, A Girl! Ryan Jackson, a softball player from Chino Hills, California’s Bethume-Cookman, had 14 hits, four doubles, a triple, three homeruns and 13 RBIs in sweep of three teams in a 14-4 victory over Fairfield. She went 4 for 4 while driving three runs. Through 43 games Jackson led the Wildcats in batting (.431) in batting, (13) steals and RBIs (43).

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GSW’s head Coach Steve Kerr has a spinal cord leak in his back repaired and it isn’t known when he will return. With players like Kevin Durant scoring 38 points and 13 rebounds did on May 6 vs. the Utah Jazz in a 102-91 Assistant Mike Brown should be able to keep the Warriors on track.

The husband and wife Architectural team of Tod Williams and Billie Tisen are designing President Obama’s planned Presidential Center on the Southside of Chicago in Jackson Park, President Obama and First Lady Michelle are donating $2-million for summer jobs and apprenticeship at the Center.

African Americans were left out of the NBA Coaches honors competition. Miami Heat’s Eric Spoelstra and Mike D’Antoni were picked as Co-Coaches of the year.

If both the Cav’s and the Warriors don’t make it to the NBA title series there are going to be a whole lot of broken and unhappy gamblers.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Gift Ngoepe is the first player to play in MLB. He is no slouch. Ngoepe is batting .429 in the spring and a .500 in exhibition play. On May 9, Ngoepe was batting .292, 10 RBIs and six walks.

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