Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown is Wrong...Here’s Why

By Michael Harriot/ The Root | 3/16/2017, midnight
Here is the story of Michael Brown’s murder that we all believed: One sunny day in Ferguson, Mo., a huge ...
Mike Brown

Here is the story of Michael Brown’s murder that we all believed: One sunny day in Ferguson, Mo., a huge behemoth of a man named Michael Brown walked into a convenience store; committed a strong-arm robbery, escaping with the invaluable loot of a pack of cigarillos; and while he was walking home, Darren Wilson, a brave cop responding to the robbery, stopped him.

When Wilson tried to detain Brown, Brown reached for the cop’s gun and the policeman shot him. But Brown wouldn’t quit, and the officer thought that Brown might have a weapon, so Wilson shot a few more times to stop Brown from harming him.

“What happened in Ferguson is that a man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer—to save his life—shot him. The police officer did his duty. The officer should be commended for what he did.” —Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, March 12, 2015

Except none of that happened.

After a documentarian released video this past weekend that dispels the myth of the Mike Brown corner-store robbery, more information is emerging about the n-word-using patrolman who was accused of racial discrimination and excessive force even before he pumped at least six bullets into Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, killing him. New court papers reveal that Brown never tried to take the officer’s gun, never struck the officer and did not initiate any contact with Wilson, who was cleared of wrongdoing by a secret grand jury in November 2014.

As part of a civil suit filed last year against Wilson, a court document reveals some stunning admissions from the former Ferguson police officer. In a court docket filed Dec. 28, the cop who killed Brown admitted to using racial slurs, cursing at Brown before he was killed and grabbing him without provocation.

According to the document, Wilson acknowledges that he spotted Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson on Canfield Drive on Aug. 9. He will not admit that they were engaged in any criminal activity other than jaywalking. He pulled his police car over, blocking the path of the teenager and his friend.

The officer does not dispute the fact that he didn’t radio anyone before stopping the two pedestrians and telling Brown to “get the fuck back” after opening the police door. It is disputed whether the door ricocheted back into Wilson or whether Brown closed the door himself, but the policeman goes through the details of the encounter:

During this encounter you reached through the window.

RESPONSE: Admitted

During this encounter you grabbed for Michael Brown’s body.

RESPONSE: Admitted

During this encounter you grab for Michael Brown’s clothing


You eventually grabbed Michael Brown’s forearm

RESPONSE: Admitted

You eventually grabbed Michael Brown’s t-shirt


Let’s examine this:

Two men are walking down the street. A cop pulls in front of them, blocking their path. Instead of calling for backup or radioing in a traffic stop, he opens his car door and either Brown closes it or it ricochets off of Brown’s body. The officer then chooses to reach through his window and grab the suspect by his arm and body.

The next section of the document contains a stunning admission:

I’m sure this news will comfort the family, friends and loved ones of Brown, who only got 18 years on this earth, while the man who shot him rests comfortably in the free house he bought with the $500,000 in donations he received from supporters, who rewarded him for shooting the teen. While the Brown family still mourns their son, Wilson spends most of his time with his wife, who helped him bag his gun as evidence after he shot Brown, and their brand-new child.