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Brad Pye Jr. | 3/2/2017, midnight

Not me! Watson is going to be a star in the league like Russell Wilson.

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Notre Dame’s QB Deshone Kizer Jr. could be the first or second pick in the Draft.

Arizona’s football recruit My King Johnson is brave, bold and gay. Johnson declared his unique position as he enrolled at Sun Devil University. Johnson says; “I do feel like when I say that, it can put a target on my back.”

USA TODAY Sports revealed the following: “Five years. Five athletes. Five sports, So, yes it matters, even though many of us want to believe it shouldn’t anymore.” Former Arizona player Vince Amey, the new recruit says: “Look you are, I am going to tell these dudes I am who I am I am going to coach you the same way as everyone else. I am going to get on you the same way as everybody else.”

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Lavar Ball, the father of three basket ball playing Ball Brothers from Chino Hills High all three will wind up with the L.A. Lakers. The oldest Ball player will be one and out after leading UCLA to the national championship, according the Ball boys’ dad.

The Lakers is counting on their No, 1 pick Brandon Ingram to keep on learning and winning. Magic Johnson says that Ingram has been playing with better control.

If O.J. Simpson isn’t release from that prison near Las Vegas the boys on the “Stem” would say; “It’s a dam shame,” O.J. reportedly be cut loose in October or sooner. Simpson turns 70 on July 9. His $25,000 a month is protected from all creditors. O.J. still owes the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman families $3.5 million.

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Terry Owens shouts out he is disappointed he wasn’t voted into Pro Football Hall of Fame. After watching the Oscar 2017 snafu, maybe I did make the HOF 2017 class.”

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