The National Sports Beat with Brad Pye Jr.

Brad Pye Jr. | 3/2/2017, midnight

Los Angeles, CA--Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from cost-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.

Former college football player and wrestler who has turned himself into a leading actor in Hollywood is DeWayne Johnson.

Johnson is one of the biggest money earners in the world.

And the beat continues!

Just before the tip-off for the 69th All-Star game in New

Orleans, it was announced the game could return to Charlotte as soon as it gets its racial problems together.

Shumpert sings her songs at the dinner or wherever the spirit hits him. By the way there are pictures and pictures in their birthday suits.

And the beat continues!

His eyes are on the sparrow and he’s watching Magic Johnson too! How many other NBA teams would be featured on National

TV and National other media outlets on a daily basis for weeks since the Lakers made him their new boss of everything.

Not many, if any!

I don’t personally know a single member of the Black Press John Black was said to know that the Lakers fired Press Deputy John Black. He treated the members of the Black Press like second class citizens. Goodbye John Black you will not be missed by us.

Lorenzo Romar, head basketball coach at the University of Washington is the most disappointed college basketball in the nation. Romar has been a winner wherever he coached, even at Washington, but he’s bringing up the rear like never.

The Cleveland Browns’ Terrelle Pryor starred as Ohio State as a Rose Bowl star, floated around the league with several teams before joining Coach Hue Jackson’s Browns as a WR the past two years. Coach Jackson was hoping QB Robert Griffin Jr. III and Pryor would put his team in Happy Land.

And the beat continues!

If the L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer goes through with his alleged plans to build his own arena, Inglewood would become the city of sports facilities. The Rams’ Inglewood stadium, in which the Chargers are to play is scheduled to be ready for the 2019 season.

They still remember the old-time baseball great at spring training

And the beat continues!

Now Hear This! USC has had a Black head coach in every major sport except football. There is no need for a new head football coach now or in the future.

UCLA is marching toward the NCAA Tournament in good shape (13-3, 26-3) if freshman Lonzo Ball, Isaac Hamilton, Bryce Alford (coach Steve Alford’s son), Kadeem Allen, TJ Leaf, Markeele Futz, et al are healthy.

Will the Oakland Raiders have enough time to make a move to Las Vegas in time to play there in the 2017 season? Money still talks and that other stuff walks.

And the beat continues to talk its way to Las Vegas!

If Clemson’s QB Dejuan Watson isn’t the overall No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft on April 27th, the teams which pass on him will have to pay. The teams that passed on the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson have had to pay as Russell has run and passed the Seahawks on a yearly basis into one Super Bowl victory. The teams which passed on Wilson because he isn’t 6-feet plus and 200 plus pounds. They are saying the same thing about Watson.