Here Are Five Steps to Lasting Health and Fitness

3/2/2017, midnight
After a dental procedure, my dentist recommended a liquid diet. Being a lady from the south where beef is a ...

After a dental procedure, my dentist recommended a liquid diet. Being a lady from the south where beef is a staple, the thought of only shakes, broth and water was not what I had in mind. Drudgingly, I went to the market and brought some organic (at least that’s what the can said) canned soup.

I got home, opened the canned-food soup and added freshly ground pepper. In between the drool from the Novocain and Motrin (probably shouldn’t have taken both) I thought the soup with fresh ground pepper was quite tasty. After two days of the same soup, it began to taste bland. By the third day, I switched from fresh black pepper to my fav fat burning spice cayenne pepper. After putting cayenne pepper in the soup, the only thing I could taste in the soup was cayenne pepper, what a waste. So, it was pepper with a little bit of soup?

I was becoming frustrated with the pain in my mouth but my appetite increased. As the thought of the messed up organic soup haunted me, I needed deliverance from the peppered soup concoction. So, I did what any girl would do. I called my mom and here she comes to save the day. (In my ‘Mighty Mouse” themed voice, my mom’s favorite cartoons growing up. Check out the theme song from back in the day. So, Mom to the rescue, just like a super hero chef she was amazing in the kitchen. In a matter of minutes, she whipped up a homemade vegetable soup with organic seasonal vegetables that was out of this world. I guess it had been a while since I was home and had a chance to experience my mom’s amazing culinary skills. Vegetables. Not to divulge my mom’s oh so delicious wonderful roasted vegetable soup recipe, here’s the abbreviated version of her soup. (You may tailor your vegetables based on what you like)

1st. She started the base of the soup with seasonal organic vegetables (sweet potatoes, butter nut squash, celery, onions, garlic, bell peppers, and low sodium vegetable broth.

2nd Roast vegetables with sea salt and cayenne and Braggs amino acids.

3rd Add roasted vegetables to simmering vegetable broth and voila’ you have a tasty, delicious homemade soup in less than 20 minutes. The distinct difference in the canned soup and homemade soup is inexplicable. For the next 3 days, my mom made homemade soup and I can still remember how amazing the soup was in comparison to the canned soup. The homemade soup was so good that I still ask my mom to make soup whenever I go home. Did it take longer to prepare? Yes, it did. Was it worth the wait? I can unequivocally say, YES.

Canned Soup Verses Home Made Soup

Are you scratching your head and wondering how canned soup and homemade soup have anything to do with fitness? Well, often our approach to fitness and health is a lot like the canned soup. It’s convenient, packaged nicely and on the outside, it has all the stuff we want instantly: organic ingredients, healthy and good for you, packed full of vitamins and vegetables. But, what about the stuff we don’t want: high sodium, packaged in a can with a shelf life of 1- 3 years. So, can it be good for us or is it just convenient?