Wendy’s Window: “Is This Presidents’ Day a Holiday”

Wendy Gladney Dean | 2/16/2017, midnight

Upland, CA--How many of us really think about the various holidays we celebrate throughout the year? Do we take time to understand why we honor them or are they just an opportunity to take a day off from work? As we approach Presidents’ Day, the holiday has new meaning for me. The celebration of Presidents’ Day was originally to honor George Washington's Birthday; however, over the years the holiday evolved into the celebration of both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays (both born in February) and has since become a day to honor Presidents of the United States in general.

An interesting fact I learned recently is that different states celebrate or acknowledge the day differently. The observance of the holiday varies all around; some towns host reenactments of historical events, some entities (like schools, post offices and banks) close for the day, while others (certain large retailers and car dealerships) might have large sales. Overall, however a person chooses to celebrate the day, the purpose is to acknowledge and honor the highest position of leadership in the United States.

I’m not sure how those of you who are reading this article may feel, but I am really missing President Barack Obama right about now. He represented more than just being the 44th President of the United States, or the first African American President, or even a man that showed love and respect to his wife and daughters; he also made us feel proud of him. And although no one is perfect, he did an amazing job around international affairs, domestic problems and giving many opportunities through the Affordable Care Act, among other things. In my opinion, he will be a President celebrated for generations to come – holiday or not.

We are in a new day with a new President who has broken from the mold of what we’ve traditionally thought of as a leader or President. History books will one day look back at his tenure and reflect on how he did in terms of his accomplishments or lack thereof. Will the economy improve? Will there be more jobs available? Will a wall separate us from our southern neighbor? Only time (and history books) will tell. But no matter how we feel, or on what side of the isle we stand, there should still be a level of respect for the office and what it stands for. There is never a time when 100% of the population agrees with the philosophy of the individual in office. But when we disagree, how do we make a difference and do what’s best for the country? For our communities? For the people?

Presidents’ Day is traditionally viewed as a time of patriotic celebration and remembrance. One of the best ways to show your patriotism is to celebrate democracy. Let’s continue to let our voices be heard and let’s make sure our vote counts no matter what. This Presidents’ Day let’s remember the strides that have been made and how we can continue to make a difference.

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