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Brad Pye, Jr. | 4/7/2016, 9:49 a.m.
Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond. Kobe ...
Brad Pye, Jr. - Sports Writer

LOS ANGELES--Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.

  1. Kobe Bryant’s legend will live forever! The Lakers should find a top executive job for their 18-year All-Star, five time NBA title winner and Hall of Fame bound star for his glorious 20-year career. No top executive position for Kobe! There should No Lakers!
  2. Prediction: QBs Robert Griffin III of the Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston to be two of the most successful signals in the league. The duo has the talents and the skills to be a pair of the best in the NFL. And the beat continues!
  3. Steve Baik Coach of the Chino Hills High “Ball Brothers” is the envy of the other prep cage coaches in the high school world. Reason: Baik’s are still Unbeatable after dominating LaFela Fal, 60-50. The Huskies over came a 10 point defecit in the second half. The Chino Hills is composed of 13-year Freshman, LaMelo, Lonzo and LiAngelo. The proud parents of the Ball Brothers are LaVar and Tina Ball. They wanted LaMelo to play with his brothers and let him rise or fall on his own merit. LaMelo is rising on his own in a big, big way folks.
  4. Is the Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield of the Sooners is the best player in the NCCAA Tournament or even the best on his team? Many scouts say the answer to both questions is a big positive. Hield is averaging 29.3 points per game in the NCAA Tournament. Hield’s coach Lon Kruger put it this way: “He’s the core.” Hield a 37-point performance vs. Oregon. . . .President Baraka Obama and the First Lady Marchel had an all-star cast for their final Easter Egg Roll at the White House. The headliners included Shaquille O’Neal, Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy, and Idina Menzel, who sang the national anthem.
  5. Like Joe Johnson had when he was a member of the Brooklyn Nets and you had a chance to join thr Miami Heat or hislect Cleveland Cavs which team would you have selected? Joe Johnson picked the Miami? Did he make a mistake? I think so! Any time you have a chance to have LeBron as a teammate you go to that club, man. Who else could the Family All-USA team selected than Chino Hills’ Lonzo Ball Player of the Year and than Steve Baik his Coach as coach of the Year.
  6. The Seahawks’ Russell Wilson a Super Bowl QB winner comes from one of the most athletic families in the country. Russell’s sister Anna Wilson competed in McDonald’s All-American game recently in Chicago. Russell recently became engaged to singer Ciara. Anna and her future sister-in-law get along like blood sisters. Anna says: “I’ve gotten a whole different perspective. Seeing people in that kind of a situation, seeing how blessed I’ve been, it always made me a little more grateful, a little more thankful for the opportunies for stuff like this.” And the beat continues!
  7. Serena Williams did something in her career she doesn’t usually do. Lose! Serena’s 20th match winning streak at Key Biscayne ended with a 6-7,(3), 6-1, 6-2 defeat at the hands of Svetlana Kuznnetsova, in the fourth round of the Miami Open.
  8. Actor Don Cheadle is the son of Dr. Donald Frank Cheadle, Sr. a Clincial psychologist and his mother Bettye is an educator and his siblings Cindy and Colin are educated too. Don’s latest film is “Miles Ahead” the bio of the great saphone jazz great. And the beat continues!
  9. Cordell Broadus, the son of rapper Snoop Dogg, has returned to the UCLA team as a walk-on receiver. Broadus was one top high school players in the country.