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Ways To Save Money In Order To Increase Your Bank Account

Saving money is hard. Who couldn’t use some extra cash at the end of the month? Yet, you can only work so many hours, there are certain bills that must be paid, and everybody has to eat. Where is this extra money going to come from? While not everybody has padded their expenses, most Americans have a fairly large amount of discretionary income, although they may not always view it as discretionary. After all, one man’s excess is another man’s necessity.

Janet Emerson Bashen

First Black Woman Ever to Hold a Software Patent

Not very many Black women are software developers, but this by no means stopped Janet Emerson Bashen from becoming the first African American woman to hold a software patent.


Students from Holy Family School in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland participate in the “Golf. My Future. My Game”
program. Photo courtesy of Craig Kirby.

Craig Kirby Helps Black Youth Swing into Golf

Craig Kirby is on a mission: He is working hard to diversify golf — one black student at a time. It’s not easy, said Kirby, 53, but it is rewarding. His non-profit, “Golf. My Future. My Game,” has exposed young African-Americans to the predominantly white sport since 2014.

The National Sports Beat with Brad Pye Jr.

Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond. It’s a done deal! Tiger Woods will miss all four majors in the same year for the first time. This means Tiger will go an entire year without playing.


Money Mistakes That Cost You $1,000 or More

If you’re trying to spend less so you can save more, there might be some obvious mistakes you’re making with your money. For example, you’re likely losing a lot more than you’re making if you’re gambling at the casino every week. And you’re certainly not doing your finances any favors if you’re dining out for lunch and dinner every day.

Skip the Plastic Surgery; Four Ways to Exercise Your Face Muscles to Start Looking Younger

Everyone wants to look younger, or at least age gracefully. But not everyone is willing to undergo surgery in order to look younger. If you are one of those people, read on, because there is something you can do to look younger without going under the knife. Forget face lifts -- face yoga is in!